Saturday, 28 February 2015


 photo GettingReadyEmmaHoareauDiptyueDosonperfumeLaMerSPF50FluidGoeOilMidasshoesTomFordnailvarnishandlipstickZaralaceskirtclose_zps59ffd57f.jpg
 photo GettingReadyEmmaHoareauDiptyueDosonperfumeLaMerSPF50FluidGoeOilMidasshoesTomFordnailvarnishandlipstickZaralaceskirtphotograp_zpsf25f838c.jpg

Off to visit Melbourne for a long weekend, and packing the bare necessities.
Photo diary to come - stay with me on Instagram in the mean time!


Wednesday, 25 February 2015


 photo GOPR0431_zpsf8996fb8.jpg
 photo GOPR0507_zpsda50b5ab.jpg
 photo GOPR0339_zps3385a3b1.jpg
 photo GOPR0512_zps4ed03e2e.jpg
 photo GOPR0542_zps72aabce4.jpg
 photo GOPR0549_zpse657f82f.jpg

Under the sea, under the sea
Darlin’ it’s better
Down where it’s wetter,
Take it from me

Up on the shore they work all day
Out in the sun they slave away

Some photos from the GoPro in Thailand, snorkeling around Koh Tao, and my all time
favourite island Nangyuan Beach (see my post about it here). It's true that being in
the  ocean, submerged by water, you feel free from the stresses of daily life. As they
say; The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea. Amen.

Sunday, 22 February 2015


 photo Dr Dennis Gross MECCA Alpha Beta medi spa peel Emma Hoareau white skincare_zpszd6vgfdu.jpg

Sundays are the kind of day that you can make your own. There's different Sunday 'types', the
one who gets up early for a workout, the one that is still awake from last night and the one 
who looks forward to a lie in and a big breakfast. It's the day you fill with activities that will 
re-charge you - in their own special away - for the week ahead. 

My Sunday ritual is going all out on my skincare.

This involves quite literally giving myself some new skin (well, at least getting rid of any old or 
dead skin cells) with a good peel. Recently, I've been trying the Alpha Beta Medi Spa Peel from 
Dr. Dennis Gross. I thought it would be a whole lot more difficult to use than just wiping a pad 
over my face for 5 minutes, then rubbing in a milky soothing serum. In fact, I was almost sad I 
didn't get to play scientist. That was until I looked up and saw my skin. Glowing and radiant -
I'd go as far as to say that the result matches up to the effect of in-spa chemical peels I've had
 in the past. My skin feels and looks like I've just had an expensive facial.

Bring it on, Monday.

Thursday, 19 February 2015


 photo Emma Hoareau in Ellery white skirt white Uniqlo Shirt and Midas Shoes_zpseplu7xry.jpg

You might have seen on Instagram, that I very much enjoyed the Ellery sample sale last week, 
and managed to find myself some great pieces - from a designer I can't quite normally afford. 
This skirt is my favourite buy, and reminds me of a Celine one I saw in Paris some years ago. 
It's a classic shape, beautifully cut and I know I'll have it - and actually wear it - forever.

Ideally I'd wear it with an oversized grey rollneck jumper, but as you can see... it's a little too 
warm for that! Even this shirt was getting a bit steamy in the midday heat during the five 
minutes it took to shoot this photo. One day, though. 

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


 photo HoiAntoHueRoadtripVietnamEmmaHoareaumotorbikemopedscooterride_zps210cfc9d.jpg
 photo HoiAntoHueRoadtripVietnamEmmaHoareaumotorbikemopedscooterridewow_zps669b40de.jpg
 photo HoiAntoHueRoadtripVietnamEmmaHoareaumotorbikemopedscooterride8_zps73de9fc3.jpg
 photo HoiAntoHueRoadtripVietnamEmmaHoareaumotorbikemopedscooterridedanang_zps61089d1d.jpg
 photo HoiAntoHueRoadtripVietnamEmmaHoareaumotorbikemopedscooterride6_zps534b7a76.jpg
 photo HoiAntoHueRoadtripVietnamEmmaHoareaumotorbikemopedscooterridetravelling_zps5b440289.jpg
 photo HoiAntoHueRoadtripVietnamEmmaHoareaumotorbikemopedscooterride1_zpsb76e8f16.jpg
 photo HoiAntoHueRoadtripVietnamEmmaHoareaumotorbikemopedscooterride3_zpsc7e7c636.jpg
 photo HoiAntoHueRoadtripVietnamEmmaHoareaumotorbikemopedscooterride9_zps517d6b28.jpg
 photo HoiAntoHueRoadtripVietnamEmmaHoareaumotorbikemopedscooterridephotography_zps3e33e273.jpg

HoiAn to Hue.

This winding coastal drive was one of my favourite experiences during our time away,
probably because it was something we hadn't planned in advance, and never did I think I'd
be on the back on a moped in South East Asia (I'd heard too many horror stories of friends
falling off).

There was something about being there, in the scenery, not watching from a train or bus, but
instead having to find our own way on a foreign road - we did get lost a couple times, which
just made for further exploration. Mainly it was driving north and following the coastal line and
the sea as much as we could, after all, Hue is just 60 odd miles North of HoiAn. It took us a day
in all, which we could have done faster - but of course we wanted to lap up the scenery, and
take breaks to stop us from melting into the seat of our bikes in the heat! The roads were quiet
leaving HoiAn, a bit busier driving through Danang, then totally empty (apart from a couple
other groups of riders) in the mountains and then crazy busy on the approach to Hue. If you're
in the area, or planning a trip to Vietnam - I would highly recommend it.

Monday, 16 February 2015


 photo BlackRosePreciousFaceOilSisleyParisskincareEmmaHoareau1_zps83457df8.jpg
 photo BlackRosePreciousFaceOilSisleyParisskincareEmmaHoareaupurple_zps3883515c.jpg
 photo BlackRosePreciousFaceOilSisleyParisskincareEmmaHoareau_zps7b0f3fc4.jpg

Face is happy. Nourished, plumped and hydrated - and, ahem hiding any sign of fine lines - thanks 
to Black Rose Precious Face Oil from Sisley. I'm already a convert to the black rose mask so it 
comes as no surprise I'm enjoying the oil. I also love mixing it into a cream for a lighter feel
in the day, and going all out in the evening when my skin has time to soak it up overnight.

Pure luxury.