Tuesday, 5 June 2012



This time next week I will have left university for good. It feels strange and exciting, scary and daunting; mostly because the thought of your adult life ahead of you is so inexplicably open and available to failure and success in equal measures, along with no real certainty of anything. It's probably the biggest hint that we are growing up that we have ever experienced. It's up to me now, everything.

No school, university, teachers, parents telling us what we should do and when. No loans to rely on, no student bubble to live in. This is it; what our whole lives have been leading up to, when we have to make successes out of ourselves and live up to all those arrogant claims we made as teenagers, when we were blissfully unaware of what lay ahead, when the thought of this time in our lives seemed so far away that we could make outrageous claims about who we would be and what we would be able to do. Except of course now it has come around we realise we are still the same person we were then. The time is now and it is the most excruciating, yet painfully exciting, reality check we have ever had. 

(nail varnish courtesy of Rimmel, and bracelet from Istanbul courtesy of my cousin Maud)

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