Monday, 19 November 2012


(Uniqlo poloneck, Arc skirt, Hobbs boots, vintage bag)

Polonecks remind me of being a child and wearing weird nylon-y ones to school. I remember 
how I would fold the top over twice to make it lower. On a grown up me, however, I like to pull
 it up to right under my chin, to make sure it's covering my whole neck. Maybe I'm now more
 aware of the possibility of a double chin... luckily I have long enough locks to eliminate 
these possibilities from day to day as most of my neck/chest/back is normally flooded in 
hair. And you can tell that my job as a Beauty Editor is finally having an effect- I'm  
wearing make up you can actually see. This is my favourite lip pencil from MAC in Magenta
which I think compliments the blue.
The navy of the poloneck in question stood out to me in Uniqlo- I've never bought anything 
from there before. It was such a traditional (almost school uniform-like blue, ironically) navy, 
and so unashamed in it's boring-ness that I saw it as fitting into my almost all monochrome 
current wardrobe without any hassle. And none indeed as demonstrated above.

thank you to Emma for these photos

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