Wednesday, 19 December 2012



Heating, I hate you. Aesop, I love you.

The one thing I seem to forget every year about winter is the way the cold affects my skin. The 
cold outside, and the heating inside. I've got super sensitive facial skin (my mother sadly didn't 
pass me down her matte flawless skin) and every winter I continue struggle of finding a 
product which can find a happy medium with my combination skin.
This year may just have been my last struggle- as I've found that Aesop's botanical-pumped 
and laboratory made ingredients seem to be the answer that my winter skin has been searching 
for. (It's pretty emotional). My favourite being the Oil Free Facial Hydrating Serum which gives 
your skin an instant fresh boost, and keeps it hydrated without making it oily.

Bring it on, winter.

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