Friday, 21 December 2012



When decided to do their 'Unwrap' Christmas campaign, which involved four 
different artists created an original print which would be used as wrapping paper for 
Farfetch purchases this holiday season, I was very lucky to be invited along to exclusively 
interview one of the artists- Melinda Gibson- in her beautiful home and studio.

Having studied photography at London College of Communication, Melinda focuses on the way 
we see and look at things- namely within photography. Always working by hand, Melinda cuts 
out vital sections of photographs to see how this impacts our understanding of the image.
I love Melinda's design for Farfetch (second picture), as it includes many traditional festive 
themes and imagery- but not in an obvious way- there's no glitter or Christmas trees.

Melinda told me 'Here you have the nuances and the bits that reference Christmas, but without
 it being overly heavy or overt, glittery or sparkly. And that is what is present in a lot of my work;
the idea of using collage to decontextualize and then re-contextualise images through removing
 areas that we would naturally use to give a photograph context.'

To read the full interview (and explanation of the design) click here.

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