Thursday, 27 September 2012


Today, I went and stood outside the Rochas show. I wanted to see what the outside of a Paris 
show looked like in comparison to one in London, and I wanted to refresh my ideas about 
streetstyle. As I mentioned before it's been bothering me - what the whole concept and 
phenomenon has turned into- and I wanted to find out exactly what and who was rubbing 
me up the wrong way.

Outside the Rochas show there was the normal babble of streetstyle photographers; Vanessa 
Jackman, Phil Oh and even Scott Schuman and Bill Cunningham wandering around. These 
guys are what I call respectable photographers- they're good at their art and have made a 
living from taking beautiful photos outside shows and other places. Then, there are the about
 fifty other photographers who run around like headless chickens taking everyone's photo like 
they're about to run out of time, and who flock like sheep to the obviously trendy over dressed 
girls who show up. I've used two animal simile's to describe these people so far without
even meaning to, but it just goes to show that these types of photographers (I'm generalising
here of course, just because I don't recognise you doesn't mean you're a bad photographer)
do not look at what the photograph and therefore end up acting as some kind of paparazzi
frenzied group.

Look at this:

This girl could not move more than two metres without being stopped and fifteen photographers
gathering around her to shoot. It must have taken her about twenty minutes to walk fifty metres.
And this is no unusual sight in London either (and I'm sure at all the international fashion weeks). 
As I watched her approach the entrance to the show where the PR's and other overly-photographed
guests were standing, she casually just stepped aside- took her camera out, and joined in the fun.

That's right, she wasn't even invited to the show! 
And then, out of nowhere- she becomes a photographer too!

And sadly, again, this is no unusual sight. Streetstyle star wannabees (I don't mean to be 
detrimental, but you know what I mean) rock up outside shows and act as the honey to 
fuel the "streetstyle photographers" busy-bee hive (couldn't help myself. Animals.)

I had to speak to her- I had to.

So I did. I told her and her friend that I was writing an article on streetstyle and that since I 
saw she had been photographed a lot I'd like to ask her some questions. Here are her answers 
and my conclusions:

She was a fashion blogger from Norway. No she didn't mind being photographed but she was
surprised by this amount of attention. In a baseball cap, with an on trend sports jacket over your
shoulders and big expensive sparkly earrings- you didn't? This was her first international fashion
week she has come to and she's come to shoot streetstyle for her blog. She said it was good being
photographed internationally because then yes, people might recognise you and would see that
you meant business. Because you were photographed for international magazines and websites? 

Now, I must point out that I have nothing against her or others like her- she seemed lovely and 
yes she looked good. What confuses - and then irritates - me is that people think they will be
successful if they are photographed in expensive clothes outside internationally famous shows. 
The thing is, is that it makes sense, it just somehow seems wrong. I'm most definitely not
against a playful spurt of self-promotion and putting-yourself-on-the-map-ness, but this is to
the next level.Do you need any talent, have you done any hard work to be photographed?
Not really. Sure you bought the clothes but that's your business. The most awful thing, I think,
is that it works. People are impressed by your photograph being on a famous website, and
yes somehow you do get some invisible credit for it. But why? I think this is what confuses
 and angers me most, why does it?

And this is where it lies: everyone wants to be on those websites. Even though people act like 
they are above streetstyle (case in point: me), you still have that little urge of wanting Tommy 
Ton to snap your perfectly manicured and accessory embellished arm, you want Scott to pick
you out of the crowd. It's a guilty pleasure. You want to be part of the group. The cool crowd.
The cool-fashion-exclusive-super-duper-amazing-polished-perfect-expensive crowd. It is the
dream, the spectacle, the fantasy of fashion itself- just not on a runway, in the bloody street!
Fantastic! It's like making the runway come to life if everyone wears it- the fantasy becomes real!

At this point it seems like the best form of fashion photography ever. Yes, everyone dresses up for
 it, but so what? It's fun- it's fashion week. It's the time where everyone can play up to that ideal of
fashion, pretend we wear these clothes everyday. What I (and you, and we) must not forget is that
most people who see the images these photographs produce, do not necessarily work in this
business, and it's our on-duty time where we can, I suppose, make them believe the myth- live
up to our hype. We are creating a false reality for others to look onto.

Therefore what irritates me must be the way in which people seek fame from it, seek this to be 
their talent or 'job', not as part of something which they do. For example, all big editors go to 
shows, they can borrow fantastic clothes and so it's fun to wear them and if it so happens, be
photographed in them. We must not forget this is an industry which is hugely based on
appearance and so everyone tries to look their best. Fine. No problem. That can be filed under 
'the spectacle'- the fun bit of the job. Not when people try and get the job by standing in 
expensive clothes, loosing all self respect, looking pretty to get a job, a title. You have to work 
hard for that. I hope so anyway. Only time will tell what will happen to theses 'stars'.

What I'm really glad about is that I spoke to that girl, as it did make me realise she was
 just someone trying to get noticed within a very competitive industry, but is that the 
right way to do it, even if it is the most obvious?

I'm still not sure what my definite opinion is on the whole thing, and I would like to 
pin point it more. I don't think I would ever be able to say everything I have to say about 
this as I think it spreads far beyond mere streetstyle photography. But maybe (lucky you) 
I'll have a few more ideas by the end of the week in Paris. Please do let me know what 
your thoughts on streetstyle are!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012



Since the weather is grey, it seems, all over Europe, I thought I'd take us back to some
(studio enduced) sun at the Tata Naka show and show you my favourite pair of embellished
suede pumps from that collection. There seems to be lots of flats in many shows at the moment.
I like this as it hints at the possibility of designers finally realising we don't walk round in
5inch heels everyday.

Now you noticed I said Europe, which is because... I'm in Paris! I got the eurostar on a
whim yesterday. It just so happens to be fashion week here too so I'm going to see if I can
hunt out any shows. À bientôt!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012



I met the lovely Ivania from one of my favourite blogs, Love Aesthetics, at the Charlie 
May show (photos coming soon). I interviewed Ivania for Rêver Magazine back in 
May so it was great to finally meet her in person after our online contact!

Monday, 24 September 2012



Double green and white stripes in the form of a top I had as a child, when it
wasn't 'crop' (it even has my initials in), and what I call my fat-American-
tourist shorts. 

Friday, 21 September 2012


(photos: me - backstage at maria Grachvogel)

Wouldn't it be nice to have a whole team of people to make you look great everyday?

Some say models have the high life with this, but I think the bored/numb look on their
face must come from having full make up and hair done and undone six times a day, with
at least four people pulling at various parts of your body, when you've got massive blisters
on your feet and you've had two hours sleep. Doesn't sound so glamorous when you put it
that way. I even saw one model so fed up that she was just crying- whilst the make up artist
was powdering her face, the hairdresser pulling at her hair, and the nail technician yanking
off the previous shows' fake nails off from her hands.

I think I'll stick with doing my own.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012



The craziness that has become street style photography.
I'm having very love-hate mixed feelings about the whole phenomenon at the moment. I 
find it somewhat absurd that people who have become street style 'stars' are adored for... 
wearing expensive clothes. Might have a longer rant at a later date.

(photo: me)

Tuesday, 18 September 2012



The knitwear genius that is Craig Lawrence. His show in the Portico Rooms yesterday blew
my mind. Inspired by bioluminescent phytoplankton (that's the small fish that light up in 
the sea at night), the show was all delicate grey and silver knits, some cellophane and the 
snuggest little waist plastic bumbags. 

Plus their was a snap-on wrist band in the goodie bag that reminded me of my childhood so 
much (and the hours of fun they bring!) that I left a very happy girl.

Monday, 17 September 2012



I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Eleonora Carisi at the entrance of Somerset
House on Saturday. She was very friendly and happy- very Italian, and was telling me
how much she enjoys coming to London.

For more updates of what I get up to at fashion week, follow me on Twitter.

(photos: me)

Sunday, 16 September 2012



Charlotte Free backstage at John Rocha today. Her and her tongue. Lots (lots) more 
to come from her, this show and others! The show was amazing, and I also got to talk to 
John. I'll pop the interview on here once it's been published on Notion.

(photo: me)

Saturday, 15 September 2012



Backstage at Maria Grachvogel earlier on: the hair. 
Alien plaits.

More backstage and front of house photos on their way, this is just to give you a 
quick taste of what I've been up to on (this very busy) day one of LFW.

(photos: me)

Thursday, 13 September 2012



(COS jeans, Hobbs boots, Zara t-shirt, Vintage loose knit jumper)

On the roof of the Ashmolean Museum yesterday. One of my favourite places to have
a coffee. Although it was a stormy day we still popped out onto the roof. It's such a
beautiful view with all the Georgian buildings that surround the museum. It seems the wind
stopped me from looking directly into the camera and made playing with my hair to get it out
of my face very amusing.

Wearing my shiny new boots which I had just bought- they'll serve well as my new winter boot.
They look like they can go through all types of weather.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012



Trying to squeeze in a last bit of calm before the madness begins this Friday.
Looking at these photos from July when I went on a (sort of) road trip sure does the trick.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012



I noticed lots of monochrome looks at New York Fashion Week.
So I made a board.



Was deciding whether or not to post these. But then Wang hit the nail on the head 
too perfectly not to. Deconstructed, floating white and black leather. 
What could go wrong?

(photos via dazed digital)

Monday, 10 September 2012


(all vintage)

I got a free hat from the Olympic Park. It's bright green. So I decided to conform to
the make-horrible-hats-fashionable-again mantra that has taken the blog world by storm.
Here I am doing my best let me just tip my hat forward a bit so you notice it pose.

Saturday, 8 September 2012


(Vintage dress and belt, Converse trainers, H&M jumper)

On my recent trip to Northern shores (the furthest north in England I've ever been, actually)
we happened to come across hundreds of white tents covering the landscape next to a derelict
castle we had come to visit. It was so surreal. Not to mention the perfect photo opportunity.

The tents were part of the Peace Camp installations across the country. There were only seven
across the country and we managed to stumble across one! It made for a great contrast to all
the landscape, castles and beaches I had been seeing...

Friday, 7 September 2012


(Scarletroom white knit dress, vintage wrap dress)

All white in the sun.
Layering a light knit dress with a cotton wrap around.

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