Wednesday, 30 January 2013



Having recently realised that most of my wardrobe consists of either black, white or grey
clothes, I'm looking to some inspiration from some people who I
remember when I was travelling that I would often look into my backpack (aka wardrobe)
and think 'all my clothes are either blue or pink.' Seriously, everything I owned was either
blue, pink- maybe the odd purple- or white, cos ya know- I was in the sun.

It seems that now, (four years later ) (god time flies) I have retracted to the easy option of
monochrome. I mean, my wardrobe isn't all monochrome, just all I seem to wear
from it is.
Now I don't want to start wearing every-colour-under-the-sun-together-because-it's-fun,
but a subtle nod to a rich, luxurious colour is a very chic way of using colour
to your advantage.

Above is Garance Dore's great combination of jean shirt and green parka leather jacket
teamed with a polka dot pencil skirt that pulls the look together in a very elegant and
feminine way. (Plus a Canon 5D camera that I was really lusting over whilst taking
the photo).


These are Tamu McPherson's Balenciaga heels that have a great blue snakeskin pop of
 colour, which works in brightening up an otherwise very graphic/boring shoe.


Then Christine Centenera's blue and green patterned and structured sweater that 
compliments her multi length skirt. She is seriously a know it all in the wardrobe 
department. Never boring but never excessive.

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