Thursday, 31 January 2013



the most relaxing, interesting thing ever?
Steiner & Lenzlinger's installation 'Brainforest' from 2004 which was held in 21st
Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Japan.
I saw another work of theirs in Paris in 2005 at La Maison Rouge called 'Meta Jardin', which
was just as fantastical and had just as many amazing bits and bobs to look at- all in jardin form
of course. I loved it so much that I got the book from the gallery shop and still have it,
somewhere... I always remember seeing photos of the above installation and thinking- 'that's
what I will have in my house when I am older.'

Sorry, 15 year old me- we're still a long way off. I'm still going to have it though, even if it's
when I'm 90 years old.

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