Wednesday, 19 June 2013


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Growing vegetables on Southbank? Um, yeah actually. I came across these last week on an 
evening walk and thought I'd go back, mainly to show my cousin who is visiting from New 
York but also mainly because I heart plants. As I'm sure you've noticed. And these are edible 
plants, and you get to find out about which family of vegetables they're in. And since I'd just
fallen asleep in a gallery (for real) I thought only such an exciting activity could wake me up.

As much as I will proclaim my fondness for plants, check out my Nike's yo. Finally finally finally 
got the black and white pair I have lusted after for so long and I'm shoving them in everyone's 
face, including yours. So have a good look. (Or don't as I probably won't take them off for the 
next few months).

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