Monday, 15 July 2013


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Making water cocktails with lime, mint and ice cubes in our re-used jam jars seemed to be 
all I could muster in the heat this weekend. I couldn't even fathom sitting in the sun for more 
than 30 minutes, even though this used to be one of my favourite past time. Age has changed 
Whilst inside (all windows open, all fans on) I tried out new products from Aesop - after visiting 
haven't been hiding something this whole time, it's just a lovely lotion too and I'm mildly 
obsessed with Neroli. Alongside that, another inappropriate product for my skin but I'm still 
using it is the new Repairwear Laser Focus from Clinique which would erase wrinkles if I 
had any, but I just like how soft it makes my skin feel.

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