Thursday, 31 October 2013


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Backstage at Giles SS14

My first time backstage at Giles, it's always different when a show is in a venue you've never been 
to - you don't know the drill in quite the same way. I know what I'll be doing - listening to the 
make up and hair artists taking us (and I mean us, there must have been about 30 editors there 
in total) through what they've gone with for this 'look'. Then I'll take photographs of the 
models having this look completed.

With Cara, Georgia and Edie backstage, there was quite a storm photographer wise, and Cara
was being particularly coy in who she was letting get shots of her- she moves around so much
and makes so many faces (not the typical 'Cara' faces either, these are actual grimaces that she
knows won't work in a photo) that it's hard to get a good shot of her, the best I could just
about manage was a rather blurry instagram.

I'll post more photographs from this soon, but first I wanted to share this photo of Edie 
Campbell as she was swanning out for the finale. It's off guard, but also quite serene- like
 a final deep breath before you go.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013


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More bitter sweet daydreams of beautiful white rooms with strategically placed plants, candles 
and beauty products. My dream for my own flat bathroom is still strong. I stumbled across 
these on Merry Mishap, one of my favourite new interior blogs, but the photos belong to  
Elin Kichen a 22 year old freelance stylist. Now I feel old (and even more jealous). She's 
got a great instagram you should check out too, just to torment yourself all day.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013


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When cold weather strikes (or rather, thunder and gail force winds as seems to be the case), 
it's always important to protect your skin from being messed about and dried out -even in the 
pouring rain. Aesop has long been a favourite of mine and so it's a given that's who I turn to 
when looking for that extra something for winter. The Skincare+ range is full of Vitamins A, 
B, C and E that protect, soothe and replenish the skin. You can find me slathering the Damascan 
Rose Oil and B Triple C Gel on my face most mornings and doing heavy duty with the Perfect 
Facial Hydrating Cream in the evenings or on the weekends since it's so hardcore that that's all 
you need.

Also, please say hello to my new money plant which I'm planning on not letting die like my 
beloved orchids (three down and counting).

Thursday, 24 October 2013


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One of my favourite models of the moment: Sam Rollinson.
I'd seen her in countless editorials but as ever it was so different seeing her in real life backstage
at JW Anderson and being able to photograph her (and minor fangirl her). The cheekbones, the
wide set eyes and the short hair (ah that reminds me- I'm having another chop today! Don't think
it'll make me look quite like Sam though) plus the confident look in her eyes all make her
what she is.

Oh, and she's the face of Chanel.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


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Something I spend a lot of time thinking about came up in conversation over coffee last week:
the thought of having my own bathroom all to me (even though I love you, flatmates) and being
able to have a cupboard full of far too many my beauty products, silly expensive candles and
I'm a sucker for seeing how other people do it, and the best inspiration normally comes from
Into The Gloss, where cabinets, bathrooms and bedrooms are perfectly curated with serums,
body creams and hair oil in mind. Sadly, for the foreseeable future I will have to content
myself with perving on other people's properties (on the internet, don't worry) since we all
know it's near impossible to find a flat you can afford to live in on your own in London.

Monday, 21 October 2013


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It's great being able to see the collections 6 months before they happen, and I always enjoy 
seeing what's 'ahead' and having the honour to shoot it. But sometimes I kind of forget 
what happened. At the moment, my head is already in Spring Summer 2014 mode thanks 
to the September shows. Maybe that's why so many people who work in fashion actually 
just wear the simplest clothes, and the odd on-season jacket or bag- it's easier to get your 
head (and wardrobe) around it that way. 
So I'm harking back to one of my favourite Autumn Winter 2013 shows: Marques' Almedia. 
Ripped denim, the richest navy blue fur, camouflage and zebra print. Looking at this now, I still 
want it all. I love the slit open backs, the ponyskin and the messy-and-neat hair playoff. 
Seriously though, I need that camo skirt- kind of reminds me of this one.

Thursday, 17 October 2013


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I've returned to the square world of instant photos (after a brief, but very pleasurable flirt 
with whitagram). I've been actually buying new clothes recently and not feeling too guilty 
about it. Particularly guilt free is the purchase of my first pair of Acne jeans- all black so 
that I can wear them all the time and really get my money's worth. Also: weird forehead 
selfies, grand Costwoldian manors, the new Marylebone Aesop store and a afternoon tea 

Friday, 11 October 2013


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If Springtime is for spring cleaning, Autumn time is for sorting out. And sorting out means 
doing stuff. Doing word. Verb. So as well as using Teux Deux on a daily basis for boring things 
like 'buy tights' or '10am meeting' here is my probably more narcissistic to do list for the 
weekend ahead.

- Finish reading all the books I am half-way through.

- Buy a plant that I won’t kill (I’m on 3 orchids and counting now…) I’m thinking a cactus is a safe bet.
-  Finally finish and develop the film in my Pentax. Once done keep taking more.
- Get all the summer dresses out of my wardrobe, pack them away and replace them with jumpers 
and long sleeved tops. I’m also thinking of buying some ‘investment’ pieces, particularly inspired 
by Sabrina’s idea of a 5 piece French wardrobe.   

- Decide which lipsticks I am actually going to wear and stop carrying around 6+ in my bag.

Thursday, 10 October 2013


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More prancing around various streets in Oxford, this time gardens actually. One of my 
favourite places to visit when I'm there is the Botanical Gardens- there's always a new 
greenhouse I've never been in before or a new plant I can pretend I know lots about. But 
of course there's also a lovely river running past, always seems to be sunshine and big 
white open space greenhouses with plants in AKA my favourite kind of place. (That's why 
I stuck my head in them).

Monday, 7 October 2013


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(Zara jumper, & Other Stories leather skirt, Hobbs boots)

Getting 'out of town' as they say- and heading back to Oxford for the weekend was exactly what 
I needed. A quieter time for two days: cycling, sunshine and taking time to do nothing. I find in 
that in London doing 'nothing' means lying in bed hiding under your duvet pretending there is 
nothing else you could be doing until you finally talk yourself into going to that market you 
said you were going to finally go to this weekend. Although that's relaxing, you always feel 
like there's 'something' you should be doing when doing 'nothing'.

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