Friday, 11 October 2013


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If Springtime is for spring cleaning, Autumn time is for sorting out. And sorting out means 
doing stuff. Doing word. Verb. So as well as using Teux Deux on a daily basis for boring things 
like 'buy tights' or '10am meeting' here is my probably more narcissistic to do list for the 
weekend ahead.

- Finish reading all the books I am half-way through.

- Buy a plant that I won’t kill (I’m on 3 orchids and counting now…) I’m thinking a cactus is a safe bet.
-  Finally finish and develop the film in my Pentax. Once done keep taking more.
- Get all the summer dresses out of my wardrobe, pack them away and replace them with jumpers 
and long sleeved tops. I’m also thinking of buying some ‘investment’ pieces, particularly inspired 
by Sabrina’s idea of a 5 piece French wardrobe.   

- Decide which lipsticks I am actually going to wear and stop carrying around 6+ in my bag.

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