Saturday, 30 November 2013


 photo e59194e8fd81c9ea15e5d795a9e41399_zpsb93abe8b.jpg
 photo fee559c6d738ab187045bc8a9b72e5b6_zpsf7dffbb6.jpg
 photo d87dff3b0743d8f620bc2e501155d85c_zps54fd72ad.jpg
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 photo 777490a25bab1f28c53dcf453af87593_zps17fe4f71.jpg
 photo 93454a3e72cd4ffbced5c63370531bf6_zpsd15ab068.jpg
 photo 489f340008595c4e38ea993745ff31b5_zps5aaa9256.jpg
 photo 4727ea4fbf10182d28626e76b02bf988_zps8fcbc76e.jpg
 photo 4ad7b8c0ea53a44c865027063beb9000_zpsc2d97421.jpg
 photo 15cf09649656b7e3be8b8867e3ba7c2f_zps8d5be2b5.jpg
 photo 3ad2cada8d52c13818f6cd0c2c030a8f_zpsfd441c10.jpg
 photo 5ab08150c57b1956390b4722c09a4d42_zps08eb3dd8.jpg

If I could put my ass anywhere- it'd be on one of these. I'm getting way too a lot more into 
my interiors. Mainly thanks to Pinterest and a long, loving ache to have my own place and 
paint it all white.

Thursday, 28 November 2013


 photo _MG_3762_zpsb39c400f.jpg
 photo _MG_3965_zps92b90cfc.jpg
 photo _MG_5574_zps6c15a3c7.jpg
 photo _MG_5400_zpsce9179af.jpg
 photo _MG_4379_zpscc79fe46.jpg
 photo _MG_5333_zps41702020.jpg

There's nothing like being in the rush of backstage madness... on your phone. Although I can 
hardly talk, my Insta-holic ways mean you'll normally find my face behind my camera lens- 
or staring lovingly into my phone. And it's not just me it seems... modelling = waiting, 
so no wonder.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013


 photo _MG_4899_zps2115d476.jpg
 photo _MG_4677_zps2ee7572c.jpg

Backstage at House of Holland. I realise I haven't posted any of these- it was one of the last
shows I did so it got lost in the digital mountain I created in iPhoto. Luckily, I've managed to
dig them out (or rather, remember I hadn't posted them) when the new i-D site launched with
that M.I.A. song- jogging my memory as that was the soundtrack to the HOH show. Plus,
another music link: HOH is both House of Holland and Hard Out Here- which I can't stop
listening too.

Two of my favourite models from the show, both in the  last photo: Barbara Fialho and
Mica Arganaraz. Oh and you know, after the show I met Harry Styles. But I really wasn't
excited about that so I don't know why I even mentioned it (!!!!!!)

Monday, 25 November 2013


 photo _MG_7071_zpsee35c42d.jpg
 photo _MG_7098_zps4982d8f6.jpg

This weekend I've been feeling all fancy with this Chanel powder on my shelf. The packaging
and colour of the actual product seem to create some real life halo around it. I like the chunkiness
of it- a big pot rather than a mini version that you can carry around. This one's a stay-
at-home-because-I'm-so-special kind of guy. Now I can't wait to run home to it later and
spend the evening by it's side.

Thursday, 21 November 2013


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 photo Slide2_zps28f1968a.jpg

Is it weird to re-post instagram on your blog?

Hmmm maybe. I like doing it so you can see what I get up to day-to-day, and I love using 
instagram so it makes sense to use images I like looking at on here too. Somehow feels like 
a cheat post though. Sorry, please forgive me. 

Or if you like what you see, you can follow me there.

Sunday, 17 November 2013


 photo _MG_4069_zps5bc6c095.jpg
 photo _MG_4039_zpsff87cf03.jpg
 photo _MG_3965_zps92b90cfc.jpg
 photo _MG_3970_zps555b54a5.jpg
 photo _MG_4047_zps37719bb7.jpg
 photo _MG_4032_zpsb9c4969d.jpg

Sibling is always a great show- full of personality (and the hair to match). This season's 
backstage madness was no different to usual, and the preparations were in full swing. I 
loved the big, over the top Superwoman-esque hair contrasted with the minimal nails
(which now I must try out) and the full on eyeliner. 

Saturday, 16 November 2013


 photo wishlistpinterestbloglolitasayssoemmahoareaulanvinacnesisley_zpsba6c951e.jpg

You may or may not have noticed that I've started doing a Wishlist on Pinterest. 
It's one of the links on the side of my blog. 
I like the idea of Pinterest overall, but wasn't a total convert up until a month or so ago. Now 
I'm a full time pinner! Take a look at what's on my wishlist (wish being the operative word 
here, these are dream buys) and repin if you like them!

Thursday, 14 November 2013


 photo ScreenShot2013-11-11at134450_zpsc17e5bbc.png
 photo _MG_6841_zps8ca7f790.jpg
 photo _MG_6779_zps46fc5fd3.jpg
 photo _MG_6902_zpsc0ce618d.jpg

Plump skin, plumped up hair- that's where it's at. Not flat, lifeless locks and dull skin.
To help me (my skin and hair) along with going from boring-to-boing are the above- 
which I managed to shoot when the sun came out last Sunday and lit up my flat 

1. Verso Super Facial Serum - it's so thick and creamy and 

- a serious need for my sister thin-haired gals out there. 
The mousse it great too.

I can't believe I didn't talk about the weather.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


 photo SecretGardenspreads5_zps9851b7f8.jpg
 photo SecretGardenspreads7_zpsd36101ed.jpg
 photo SecretGardenspreads6_zpscdc93c72.jpg

A wonderful editorial form the second issue of So It Goes magazine. I love the calmness to it,
and the shots of the location alongside model ones- it works really well.

And of course- PLANTS! (Thank you Frances)

Reminds me a bit of when I shoot in the Botanical Gardens: big open spaces, foliage and greenhouses. I'm very excited to see the whole issue!

Saturday, 9 November 2013


 photo modelnewyorkcamelcoatnikesunglasseslelabosimple_zps5dc01734.jpg

Currently considering buying a long, slightly oversized camel coat. I had been thinking pink - 
with so many great offerings at the moment- but I know my monochromatic self and I don't 
want to spend big bucks on something I'll wear twice, if that. I love the idea of style rather 
than fashion, exemplified perfectly with the amazing styling above: camel coat, black turned 
up trousers, colourful nikes and a shit load of 'tude.

Thursday, 7 November 2013


 photo _MG_3511_zps250fff74.jpg
 photo _MG_3521_zps998bb985.jpg
 photo Slide1_zps038556b7.jpg
 photo _MG_3522_zps7dcb7d1f.jpg

Can't believe these got forgotten in the depths of fashion week photos. Ostwald Helgason was 
my first show of the season and therefore the furthest back in my mind which = totes forgotten. 
Soz guys. 
I really shouldn't have forgotten the experience of seeing Chloe's green mermaid-esque hair or 
those amazing powder bright lips that matched the collection perfectly. But that's what happens 
when it's 8am and pissing it outside. 

NB. This is where I first spotted that white MAC bottle (and continued to for the rest of the 
week) which now is my new best friend. Like a primer and a moisturiser and all round do gooder.

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