Thursday, 29 August 2013


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Nodding to this blog's namesake, licking a lollipop in a provocative fashion. Plus an 
edible addition to my plant collection. Fiery hot and young hussy- they'll work well 
together no?

Wednesday, 28 August 2013


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Sometimes candles make me jump around with excitement.
One of the new candles from Diptyque, launching in September

Tuesday, 27 August 2013


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Ah yes, more trusty old VSCOcam photos. It's just so much easier to shove my phone in
my boyfriends' hand than begin to explain how to use my camera (yes, it looks blurry through
the lens but when you take the photo it's not..!) So here I am. I wanted to show you my new
hair- although I'm already thinking of going even shorter. I also wanted to introduce you to my
new super-buttery-soft leather skirt from & Other Stories. And it isn't rare to catch me telling
people to feel just how soft it is so that I can tell myself it was worth all the money.

Thursday, 22 August 2013


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A photo I dug out yesterday from about a year and a half ago in Leeds. I think it was when
we had just chopped most of Jess' hair off- and how ironic that I stumble upon in whilst
clearing out my hard drive, having just chopped most of my hair off. But perhaps more
importantly- why do I never where these white dungarees anymore? I think I'll have to dig
those out too.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


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It seems there is no end to my recalling of annoyingly catchy songs that also describe my life.
A very sought after talent. This one describes what I like to have on my table- which is 'right
here' and because I like them at this very moment, thus 'right now'. It's very complicated you
 might not understand, but don't worry just look at the pretty pictures.

1. ButterLONDON nail polish in Cotton Buds
2. Etsy silver ring
3. & Other Stories hand cuff
4. Diptyque Noisetier candle (out in September)
5. Guerlain Aqua Allegoria perfume

Monday, 19 August 2013


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(Rooftop cinema, Cakes at CafeAnd, House of Holland nails- available September)

'Living for the weekend'. Although I don't walk around singing that 2008 hit, it does
describe rather well the two days-ish off a week I get. In the sense that that's when I just
about have enough time to leisurely go for breakfast, buy more plants that I will no
doubt kill, photograph products for work and watch a film on a rooftop. All in a day's

Photos from my instagram.

Friday, 16 August 2013


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(Silk top from & Other Stories, Sunglasses Whistles, Chanel Rouge Coco in Liason 49)

The last in what seems to be my lipstick Chronicles, which I shot for Notion Magazine.
I was never a big lipstick girl but since I've been a Beauty Editor and lip products just seem 
to rain on my desk- it's hard not to try them out. Plus, there's nothing more thrilling than 
looking in my post pile and seeing a little black Chanel bag peeking out, promising me the 
richness of its contents. I also feel super swanky and grown up and like a real adult when I 
just-so-happen to have my nude Chanel lipstick on hand to pucker up to.And of course I
keep it perfectly balanced in my bouquet of white lilies AT ALL TIMES.

PS how'd you like my secret agent impression in photo number 2?

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


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Another day, another lipstick. Or actually, the same day- a different lipstick. This one
is Shu Uemura (FYI new favourite haircare brand, too) Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine-
but it's not actually that shiny, which I quite like. No gloss here, no thank you. It's bright,
and makes me look even paler (note to myself: get a tan) and it stays on forever.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


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As you can see, I haven't really made a decision about exactly what chop I want. But I have
made the decision that I want the chop. I've had long hair since I can remember, and although
 it looks 'okay' and doesn't necessarily need to be changed - I want to make the decision to
 change it. To grow up in a sense, out of 'school girl' hair that so many of us had (and still do
have). I'm either going about the shoulder or just below, but since I have temperamental curly
hair (that will only get curlier as it gets shorter) I'm going to suss it out in the hairdressers chair
and see. If it goes super curly I'll just have to sass it out like Eva above and wear a corset belt
and suspenders at all times to ensure no one really looks at my hair. Fail safe plan. Or I'll just
have to learn how to actually do my hair.

Monday, 12 August 2013


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No, sadly not the Luxembourg gardens in Paris, the ones that I used to play in as a child 
(naked, in sand pits, getting locked in loos: the lot). But close enough, mentally anyway- 
not geographically- was the maze at the front of the Botanical Gardens in Oxford. The 
Parisian fantasy all made possible by the rather wonderful Monsieur Francois Nars who 
created the satin lip pencils come lipstick that everyone has been raving about- this one 
aptly named (wait for it) - Luxembourg. 

And yes - big drum roll please - I dyed my hair. It makes me look paler but at least I don't 
blend into backgrounds anymore. I love a slightly auburn chestnut brown. What a 
description. And THANK GOD it's kind-of-almost-but-not-really cool enough to wear
 big jumpers and jeans again. All in dark colours to match my dark hair- phew. I'll leave the 
colour to my lips for now- thank you NARS.

Saturday, 10 August 2013


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 photo bedroom_peek_zps345f4c81.jpg
 photo badlands-sg6_zps689696d9.jpg
My new favourite blog- Badlands. She's called Talisa and she creates a mix of amazing
editing work (as seen above), great product shots and simple interiors. My cup of tea.

Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013


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Did I mention I went to Italy some months ago? Yeah, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't shut up about 
it. Or stop showing you photos of a cactus here, another one over there... safe to say I like a 
green plant, but a green cactus is even better. So much better that I went to all the trouble (like, 
I went onto a website) and printed out my photo of my favourite Italian cactus. So here it is 
Also, if you follow me on social media you may have noticed I'm really too much into DIY at 
the moment, and yes, propping a shelf on a chest of drawers counts as DIY, I did lift it myself
 after all. It now serves as a(nother) place to put all the silly, pretty and mainly useless things 
I own.

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