Thursday, 30 January 2014


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Antipodium hat, vintage jeans, & other Stories jumper, UO boots

The staples. 
I'm normally to be found in a white or black jumper, and this one from & Other Stories has been 
on rotation since I bought it just before Christmas. Boyfriend jeans are something I never 
thought would fit me very well (I've got wide hips compared to the rest of my body) but since 
last summer I've been wearing them more and more, and like the different feel compared to my
 daily black skinnies.

Monday, 27 January 2014


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With my recent new addiction to Pinterest, I've been collating quite a large number of
beautiful interiors. All perfectly stored away for review on the day I win the lottery. The
above show my penchant for lots of light thanks to oversized windows.
One day, one day.

Thursday, 23 January 2014


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Going to the same flower market almost every week (although I must admit it's been more like
 once a month recently) can seem like a boring activity. I'm pretty sure the people I drag along 
with me don't like the sound of it so much- but once you're there and you don't feel like you're 
in central London - or even London at all- and you grab a bouquet of this, a pot of that and a 
big old hot chocolate, it starts to feel more like a mini break- to Columbia Road. 

The sun was out last weekend and the new Spring-like flowers were for sale. The capacity of 
people trying to get their hands on them doesn't really show in the photos above. But trust me, 
it's worth the crowd!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


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Backstage at Michael Van der Ham SS14

It was perfect timing coming across all my photos from backstage at the SS14 shows last 
week. They'd got lost in the depths of stress, lack of sleep and well- loads of other photos. 
After editing a couple sets of backstage photos things can get a bit blurry...

Anyway, I found them with a relived strength and renewed eyesight so over the next few weeks
I'll be showing you some of my favourite looks. The one above in question stood out (although
the magical lighting and beautiful model all add to the appeal... does anyone know her name?). I
like how someone a totally golden eye doesn't look too 'trashy' 'glam' or done-up thanks to the
paired back perfect of the rest of the hair and make-up. Perhaps this is how I should try
eyeshadow, in answer to my question below.

The Michael Van der Ham show was held in the beautiful- and suitably lavish feeling - 
Café Royal, all big fireplaces and gold pillars.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014


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As I somewhat comically wrote for Notion Magazine- the Pantone colour of the year is 
'Radiant Orchid'. But in real life- is it okay to wear purple eyeshadow or have purple hair? 
(I'm not asking is it okay to wear that Tom Ford lipstick cos how could it not be Tom Ford). 

Do people wear eyeshadow? It seems quite ironic me asking that considering my job but I've 
never really 'got' eyeshadow past smokey eyes. Colour- isn't that best left in the 90s? 
But since the nineties are back here, there and everywhere, then maybe that's ok- and Bumble
 and bumble's spray chalk has a slight reminiscence of those hair mascara wands I used to love 
to use (especially if there was a Friday night disco).

Sunday, 19 January 2014


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Of course I'm not wearing blue. Just black, white and a splash of grey to match the clouds.

I'm finally getting around to doing more outfit posts. I'm not talking one a day since I really don't
care that much so I doubt you do. Just the odd update to prove them I'm a real person rather than
an internet drone who can type and take photos of little corners of her house, comment on the
weather and dream about big bathrooms and the ocean.

Thank you Alice for these photos. N.B. #reallifehairswoosh

Friday, 17 January 2014


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 And not because I'm ill (I've totally just jinxed it, though)- that's just my plans this weekend. 
My plan is to make no plan. Complete indulgent laziness.

Such a sweet paradox. I want to read (and finish!) my new Saatchi book which is hard enough to 
put down anyway, light a candle, flick through art books and spray Chanel's Hydra Beauty essence 
on my face if I feel like I need a face-jujz.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014


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Photos from backstage Roksanda Ilincic SS14 

It's nowhere near almost time for the Spring looks I saw back in September to actually be
relevant! And I've remembered to post them at the right time! "Right time' is deduced by when
the Vogue trend supplement has this very show's finale on the cover.
Total right time. Can't argue.
This was such a beautiful show to photograph, namely due to the amazing sunrise over the city
13 floors up, the huge windows and ya' know- the nice clothes and beautiful models. Personally,
I'm still dreaming about that oversized scuba yellow jacket, but in black- of course.

Monday, 13 January 2014


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My new camera!!!

I'm so happy, and as you might have seen on various social media I'm pretty chuffed with my
new purchase. I bought a Canon 6D instead of a 5D mkii as it turns out they stopped
making them (since the mkiii came out) they're pretty hard to get hold of.

I road tested it this weekend -after having waited the night for it to charge and not being able
to contain my excitement- and also visited the newly re-done Skylodge venue in London
Fields, which was perfect for some setting-sun backlight action.

Saturday, 11 January 2014


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I know you often ask yourself- I wonder what's on Emma's windowsill? A vase perhaps, or a plant
 of some kind? What colour is her windowsill? What's the weather like in London? Emma never 
talks about it! Due to this (and my amazing mind reading abilities) I'm answering all you questions 
in one swift post:

A Free Range Human and Charles Saatchi's Naked Eye. Plus a plant (please tell me what kind if 
you know) from Columbia Road flower market.

That is what's on my windowsill.
It's raining.

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