Saturday, 22 March 2014


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A little update from my Springstagram (best name ever, thank you Jess!). All things floral,
good smellin' and covered in sunshine.

I'm going to be away from blogging for a bit- so in the meantime follow me on 
Instagram to keep up to date!

Thursday, 20 March 2014


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Make up that shouldn't look good (read: red eyeshadow) looked perfectly in place at the 
Marques' Almeida AW14 show. I also loved the thin satin straps on dresses, fluffy shoes and 
crazy fur coats. I'll post a full backstage photo set soon, but in the meanwhile have a look at 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


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Highlighters are my new 'beauty obsession' I supposed you could call it- although that phrase 
has been thrown around one too many times and has kind of lost it's meaning. I suppose I could 
call them my new high. Highlighters.
Yes, that's better.
With the sun peaking it's head round the clouds, it's great to have a little something on your 
face that'll shine right back. No glitter here, though. Just shine- or glow. In fact whilst wearing
 the Illamasqua Gleam (above, middle) I was told I was 'glowing' which I took as a compliment 
to my make up not that I looked pregnant (shit, did I?)

Either way, I've also made another video on this very subject. So do have a look at it here, 
and give it a good old fashioned thumbs up if you like it. Or just let me know what you 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


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The Japanese have a word for when sunlight filters through the trees - Komorebi.
I found this out the other day, just as the sun has started to make an appearance here 
in London. It's strange that there isn't a word in English for this, as it's such a peaceful 
and enjoyable experience that everyone can relate to.

Last Sunday we were lucky enough (and like all English people, got far too excited at 
the sign of sun) (I've turned back into being a weatherman) to have endless amounts of 
Komorebi around, and I just had to shove my camera into Tess' hand to take a photo.

 photo IMG_5128_zps04b6212b.jpg

Monday, 10 March 2014


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Spring is here! Far too exciting. I can't believe it was just a couple weeks ago that we were all
tucked up in bed watching the entire series of Orange is the New Black and eating copious
amounts of pasta. Or is that just me? Either way, once the suns out (and it's warm) there's no
way you can sit inside all day without a heavy feeling of guilt- knowing you should be
taking advantage of actually being able to have a good time outside, and standing under
blue skies and spring blossom. 

This weekend, I managed to finish editing my first beauty video (do take a look!) and of course
go to Columbia Road for the flower market (#thingsbloggersdo) (especially since I was with
Alice and Tess). I bought myself some simple white tulips after being overwhelmed by all the
flowers and cherry blossom I wanted to buy. Simplicty rules.

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Friday, 7 March 2014


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I love to travel, as I'm sure you know. A few weeks back I got to visit Neil in his lovely
apartment in... London. Although we live in the same city, his place near Canary 
Wharf seemed a world away from mine. They're technically not far, but the difference in
landscape- a mix of residential houses with a view of big city buildings across the water
was wildly dramatic from where I come from (read: flat, same size buildings, no water,
no shiny buildings). I felt like I was in New York!

No really, I did. (Note to self: must go back to New York soon and remind myself what
it actually looks like).

I was primarily there to shoot Neil (with my camera not a gun) (man I love brackets) and
the mix of sunny morning with oncoming rain storm made for some amazing lighting on
 the water- and I couldn't resist a few photos of my own.

Looking forward to a weekend of rumoured 18 degree temperatures!
Throw that coat in the water!

 photo IMG_2824_zpse4fa38d6.jpg

Thank you Neil for the photos.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


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 photo backstageatGilesaw14ediecampbell_zpse3847c83.jpg
 photo backstageatGilesaw14trumanbrewery_zps813c23f8.jpg
 photo backstageatGilesaw14longhairnoseringbluemakeupmaclondon_zpsee7247ce.jpg
 photo delevingnejourdandunnediecampbellgileslondonfashionweekaw14friends_zpsf34df1f5.jpg
 photo backstageatGilesaw14malaikafirth_zps001e8c41.jpg
 photo delevingnejourdandunnediecampbellgileslondonfashionweekaw141_zpsf7fce242.jpg

Giles AW14 was the funnest backstage for me this season, which comes as no surprise. I thought 
I'd share a couple more photos (which aren't just centered around Kendall and Cara). It was held 
in the Truman Brewery- normally used as a car park, or on weekends a market place- it was the 
ideal show space with white walls, concrete floors and Which in fact is 
probably why is was the best backstage, as I wasn't constantly knocking into people- there 
was even space to run!

Like I hinted at before, I was also taking video footage alongside my normal backstage photos,
 so do have a look at the calm before the storm, with a little bit of last minute mayhem thrown 
in (that's what happens when a Kardashian shows up). This is my first go at video editing so do 
let me know what you think, you can tweet me here :)

Monday, 3 March 2014


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It's sometimes very easy to get wrapped up in the little things. Work can takeover - I know it 
does for me- trying to do five things at once, reply to emails, edit photos, plan layout, got to 
an appointment - and then there's doing my blog - and then sorting out shoots and then trying to
 find time to fit in Pilates, that weekly run I always say I'll do but never manage, when I can get 
my hair cut, what I'm having for dinner- did I bring my charger....

Phoof! It's non stop. 

My head gets a bit foggy and stressed out. I'll think to myself 'There's nothing I can do do stop 
my mind going like this'. I've suffered from panic attacks several times in my life and it's 
important that when everything gets a bit too much I take time to do the things that I know can
calm my mind down. For me, those are writing in my notebook, going for a walk in the sun (in
the winter: sitting in front of my SAD light and pretending I'm on a beach sunbathing), reading
The Power of Now or meditating. Meditation seems to have this strange aura around it that it's 
more about saying 'Oh, by the way- I meditate' and people think you're very Zen and hip and 
probably went to some yoga retreat in India. Not for me, in fact I try my hardest to meditate 
because I am naturally the total opposite of 'Zen'. But when I do calm down, it's bloody great. 
I feel like I can breathe properly again.

I never thought I'd say this but, an app (yes, an app) has been helping me calm down 
very effectively ever since I reviewed it. I was probably as skeptic as you are right now, 
but since it only asks 10 minutes of you a day- it seemed do able. And it's less I'm Becoming 
a Buddhist Meditation and more Meditation for Modern Life. Then it became an essential
part of my day. A proper calm down that really gets me away from any screen (you don't have
to look at it whilst you're doing it- it's more like an audio tape for the most part) and back into
your body and your newly relaxed and present mind. It's called Headspace. And no I haven't
(sadly) been paid to say all this.

 photo IMG_0893_zpsfa301ebf.jpg

And if you're in the mood for feeling all calm then have a look at my DIY Calming Tips 

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