Monday, 3 March 2014


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It's sometimes very easy to get wrapped up in the little things. Work can takeover - I know it 
does for me- trying to do five things at once, reply to emails, edit photos, plan layout, got to 
an appointment - and then there's doing my blog - and then sorting out shoots and then trying to
 find time to fit in Pilates, that weekly run I always say I'll do but never manage, when I can get 
my hair cut, what I'm having for dinner- did I bring my charger....

Phoof! It's non stop. 

My head gets a bit foggy and stressed out. I'll think to myself 'There's nothing I can do do stop 
my mind going like this'. I've suffered from panic attacks several times in my life and it's 
important that when everything gets a bit too much I take time to do the things that I know can
calm my mind down. For me, those are writing in my notebook, going for a walk in the sun (in
the winter: sitting in front of my SAD light and pretending I'm on a beach sunbathing), reading
The Power of Now or meditating. Meditation seems to have this strange aura around it that it's 
more about saying 'Oh, by the way- I meditate' and people think you're very Zen and hip and 
probably went to some yoga retreat in India. Not for me, in fact I try my hardest to meditate 
because I am naturally the total opposite of 'Zen'. But when I do calm down, it's bloody great. 
I feel like I can breathe properly again.

I never thought I'd say this but, an app (yes, an app) has been helping me calm down 
very effectively ever since I reviewed it. I was probably as skeptic as you are right now, 
but since it only asks 10 minutes of you a day- it seemed do able. And it's less I'm Becoming 
a Buddhist Meditation and more Meditation for Modern Life. Then it became an essential
part of my day. A proper calm down that really gets me away from any screen (you don't have
to look at it whilst you're doing it- it's more like an audio tape for the most part) and back into
your body and your newly relaxed and present mind. It's called Headspace. And no I haven't
(sadly) been paid to say all this.

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And if you're in the mood for feeling all calm then have a look at my DIY Calming Tips 

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