Friday, 16 May 2014


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When packing for a holiday or work trip, I always find the hardest part to pack my beauty 
regime. Clothes are easy- I mainly wear black and white so most things match and it's never 
a hard decision to pick what. With beauty- I'm all over the place.

So (when I had finally made a decision) I thought I'd tell you the products I find best to take 
for various holidays in a couple blogsposts, along with what to take on the plane itself- which is 
what we're looking at today.

I'm not the biggest fan of flying so the most important thing for me is my Aveda stress fix 
concentrate which is an ointment you rub into your wrist- I do this just before take off. 
(Other comforts to keep my calm are cashmere socks, a big blanket/scarf and an eye mask).

I'm normally meeting someone the other end of my flight, so I want to look good/ acceptable 
when I land. It's always a great idea to take a mist to keep your face hydrated, along with an 
oil that put life back into your skin. I take REN's Omega 3 serum oil, and Elemis Pro Radiance 
Flash Balm to add a glow. Packing a punchy lipstick is good too- as it'll give your face an 
awake, healthy look. I'm currently loving my Tom Ford lipstick in Sweet Spot.

Other than my face- my hair always ends up all over the place, so Klorane's mini dry shampoo 
is perfect for having in my bag- and I can tame any flyaway with the face oil I packed.

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