Friday, 27 June 2014


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When one beach isn't enough... and you need a double sided sandy mountain to spend the day 
on. Which is how we spent an afternoon after a morning of visiting diving spots around Koh 
Tao. It's called Nangyuan. One side of the beach was sandy, the other full of coral; which turns 
into the ideal balance between sunning yourself and snorkelling through the shallow water. 

We're currently staying at Rayavadee, just off Krabi- and although I enjoyed our week long 
stay in a beach hut, it's a luxury to have air con and a big, clean bathroom again. I shouldn't 
get too used to it though, as it's back to reality for a few weeks in Cambodia next.

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Monday, 23 June 2014


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 photo emmahoareauthailandtraveltrianglbikinipullman_zps2a8721db.jpg

The balcony during our stay at Pullman was the perfect place to shoot my new Triangl bikini 
one morning. With a sea view and surrounded by the jungle, it seemed less cliche than trying to 
take some 'Here I am on the beach in a bikini' shots. So far it's been great, and on the 
highest rotation.

Monday, 16 June 2014


 photo emmahoareauphotographypullmanphuketarcadiaseaoceanholidayresortluxuryvillasnaithonbeachsun_zps40f485ed.jpg
 photo emmahoareauphotographypullmanphuketarcadiaseaoceanholidayresortluxuryvillasnaithonbeachsunset_zpsbff828a4.jpg
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 photo emmahoareauphotographypullmanphuketarcadiaseaoceanholidayresortluxuryvillasnaithonbeachwindysunshine_zpsb811af7f.jpg
 photo emmahoareauphotographypullmanphuketarcadiaseaoceanholidayresortluxuryvillasnaithonbeachsand_zps3dfb9e33.jpg

A postcard from Phuket, where we're staying right by Naithon Beach, at Pullman. Been living in 
this 'fisherman's skirt' that Sri Panwa very kindly gifted us (ahem, they were for Josh but seemed 
to have ended up mainly around my waist...) on our arrival. I forgot just how strong the Thai sun
 can be, so it's perfect to wrap up in when I feel my skin's had enough. These were taken last 
night just before the sun started to go down. Tomorrow we're off to the other side of Thailand- 
to Koh Tao and I can't wait!

Friday, 13 June 2014


 photo emmahoareauwaysoflivingstayingatsripanwaresortphuketthailandbloggersnorkelsprivatepool_zpse0514846.jpg
 photo emmahoareauwaysoflivingstayingatsripanwaresortphuketthailandbloggerpoolvillaview_zps5e5fe01a.jpg
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 photo emmahoareauwaysoflivingstayingatsripanwaresortphuketthailandbloggermirrorselfie_zps622366b9.jpg

A quick update. After spending a couple days in Bangkok we've headed to my dream resort that
I still can't believe we're staying in- Sri Panwa. With a private villa, an incredible view and
everything in between- all that's missing now is a tan (srly tho). 

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Monday, 9 June 2014


 photo IMG_2165_zps0d09894a.jpg

We're off tonight!

Flying to Thailand first, with lots of exciting places to stay and discover. Not sure what kind of 
access I'll have in terms of keeping up with the blog so often, so follow me on instagram in 
the meantime for a visual diary of sorts.

See you on the flipside

Sunday, 8 June 2014


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Trying to clean up my computer today before I set off on my big adventure, and I stumbled 
across these shots from backstage at Marques' Almeida AW14. As ever, one of my favourite 
shows and so much fun to shoot in the Topshop space at Tate Modern. I also filmed some clips 
at the show which you can see here.

Friday, 6 June 2014


 photo headspacemeditationapphelpwithanxietyemmahoareau2_zpsaa45d1f2.jpg

As you might know- I'm leaving England on Sunday for 3 months visiting Thailand, 
Cambodia, Vietnam and Bali, and at the end of this mammoth trip, I'll be moving to 

Most people I see say 'You must be so excited!' or 'I'm so jealous'. Yes of course, I have wanted 
to do this trip my entire life so I'm excited, and if I wasn't doing it, I would be jealous of 
someone who was. But when it's actually you doing the doing, it can also be quite daunting.

Planning visas, jabs, where we'll be staying, where we should visit isn't always easy, but these can 
all be sorted with a little efficiency. The thought of leaving my family (some of who I may never 
see again), my friends, my job... can prove to be a bit overwhelming. Plus the thought of 'what 
will happen?' 'Will I get a job?' 'Will I make friends?' 'Where will we live?' 'What if this happens 
and that doesn't... never ending questions which can very easily turn into fears when you're lying 
in bed at night.

A few months ago, I did a post about my anxiety and how Headspace helped me a lot. I got 
an overwhelming response to that post, with people telling me they often felt the same. It's 
always great to know others are in the same boat as you.

So the good news is that a week ago, Headspace launched Version 2, which is an updated version 
of the service. Now, along with the Take 10 or Take 15 meditations (where you take 10 or 15 
minutes daily to sit down and use the app to meditate and clear your mind) there are new 
podcasts which you can download about Stress, Eating and even Commuting (can everyone 
who commutes please listen to that one!!). After all, over 80% of the nation here in the UK feel 
that the fast past of life and the number of things we have to do and have to worry about these 
days is a major cause of stress, unhappiness and illness in our society.

 photo headspacemeditationapphelpwithanxietyemmahoareau_zpscefe7baa.jpg

Many people find it hard to relax, or switch off. Because we are constantly connected- checking 
our twitter, instagram - ooh an email! - facebook, uploading a photo, thinking what to reply. 
And whilst it can be fun to be on the go all the time, it's paramount to take time out and look at 
your mind. Practicing mindfulness- which means being fully present in every moment (and
which relates to my favourite book The Power of Now) - is how we can stop the loop of thoughts
in our minds that are really only detrimental to our health and well being.

That's what I hope to be doing more of on my trip. In fact, it may even have been the reason for 
this trip in the first place. To get away from the stresses of everyday life, and create a new kind
of everyday life in the process. My acupuncturist last week told me 'Meditation is your
best medicine'- and I want some of the good stuff.. Not only has Headspace helped diminish
my stresses and anxieties, it's also helped me see the importance of taking time out. Which
is also why I'll be launching my new project Ways of Living next week!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014


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 photo IMG_6561_zps886330b8.jpg
 photo IMG_6520_zps63a5c083.jpg
 photo IMG_6722_zps3b86d37d.jpg
 photo IMG_6556_zps77f9e9dc.jpg

Summertime in Moscow. Even though we visited just at the end of April- it seems we landed just 
in time for some warm, and were lucky enough to be walking around exploring in just light 
t-shirts.  It makes it so much more enjoyable to discover new places in the sun- even just 
walking down the road in London when the sun is out becomes shockingly pleasurable- allsmiles.

This was at Moscow's version of the Pont de l'ArchevĂȘchĂ© bridge in Paris, and instead of locking
 up padlocks to the railings, it's on metal trees which have been placed through the middle of 
the bridge. Very colourful- and making Moscow look even more Parisian in some areas than 
it already does.

 photo IMG_6560_zps3861c5fc.jpg

P.S. Just 5 days till we're off on our adventure! Do follow my new project Ways of Living 
on Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date.

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