Thursday, 14 August 2014


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Chinese women are well known for loving their skincare, so I was very excited to have a look 
around when we landed in Hong Kong. I was running low on my Clarins glow drops, but of 
course failed to find anything that could possibly make my skin darker. White is the name of 
the game in Hong Kong (and much of South East Asia). 

Not being deterred, I would pop into a pharmacy on almost every road to have a look at what was 
on offer. Being an Asian brand I stumbled across lots of SK-II, but the big bottles come with the 
big price tags. The day before we left, I found a shop filled with piles and piles of samples
and happily grabbed myself a a basket and filled it up, and was able to buy all the of the above 
for less than £20.

So far I'm really impressed with the Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser which I've been using in 
the place of my usual cleanser, in addition to the Facial Treatent Clear Lotion which is a toner 
of sorts (especially great for my constantly smothered in sun-cream skin). Think once we get
 to Sydney - and I'm not longer living out of a suitcase- I might even consider spending the big 
bucks on the full size bottles.

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