Friday, 26 September 2014


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Cute things because it's Friday afternoon.

It was turtle season when we visited Six Senses Con Dao in early August.
One thing I didn't expect to be doing during our time there was getting up at the crack of dawn 
to help newly born turtles make their way back into the sea safely.

They aren't just prey for birds and animals there, but also some of the people... seriously. We 
were told how even though turtles can carry a lot of disease, it's still believed in Vietnam that 
they help cure illness. I even saw one being carved on the street. It's really sad and it's so important 
to keep supporting conservations that give them the best chance of surviving, and why I'm so glad 
Six Senses does that.

Monday, 22 September 2014


 photo jomaloneseasaltandwoodsagenewlaunchperfumecolognecandlebodylotion10_zpsb2240fc0.jpg
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First a little update: I now live in Sydney! By the beach, in the sun. 
I'm as happy as can be about that.

And living so near to the sea reminded me of this beautiful launch that happened just before I 
left London. As usual (who could forget the incredible Peony Blush Suede launch?) the Jo 
Malone town house was aptly decorated to transport you to the inspiration of the scent: the 
English coast. Which meant sand, plants and a life size washed up boat had all been
 brought in, and made for the perfect photo op.

Also: cake.

The scent of Wood Sage and Sea Salt reminded me quite literally of having salty wind in
your hair, when your only consolation for your red face is the smell and texture of your hair.
Imagine this then mixed with a woody earthiness of sage. Light and deep at the same time,
and surprisingly subtle and refreshing.

The scent is now available as a cologne, candle and body creme.

Saturday, 20 September 2014


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For the first time in eight seasons I'm not running around from show to show, getting caught in 
the rain, listening to beauty reports and photographing models. Watching fashion week from 
afar is, unsurprisingly, far more relaxing than being there. Almost enjoyable. 

But there's also the inevitable fomo seeing everyone else enjoy the less stressful parts and 
capturing amazing moments backstage. (I'm particularly loving Frances' photos this season.) It's 
all made me go through my stock of backstage photos I've had from past seasons, and remember 

It also makes me wonder: why haven't I used my camera since arriving in Sydney?

More on that soon.

Saturday, 6 September 2014


 photo emmahoareausungaivillasbalitravelminimalinteriorhomeinspirationwhitewasheddoor_zps7936bcad.jpg
 photo emmahoareausungaivillasbalitravelminimalinteriorhomeinspirationmarbletableflowersfrangipani_zps6910a63e.jpg
 photo emmahoareausungaivillasbalitravelminimalinteriorhomeinspirationchairchaiseclearplastic_zps82140b8d.jpg
 photo emmahoareausungaivillasbalitravelminimalinteriorhomeinspirationbedmirrorwhitewashed_zpse165e3b4.jpg
 photo emmahoareausungaivillasbalitravelminimalinteriorhomeinspirationbath_zps675593ce.jpg
 photo emmahoareausungaivillasbalitravelminimalinteriorhomeinspirationlounge_zps997c4031.jpg
 photo emmahoareausungaivillasbalitravelminimalinteriorhomeinspirationbedwhitesheets_zps304e60ce.jpg

If you follow me on Instagram it will have been impossible for you to miss my stay at 

Located in a secluded village in the heart of Bali, it aims to give an 'at home' feel in the villa 
(even though all the delicious meals are cooked for you along other usual hotel services). I'll 
do a much bigger post on it soon, but I just wanted to dwell on the most beautiful minimal 
interior it has. White washed doors, mirror and bed frames, large white walls inside a thatched 
roof and clear chairs. A real treat to my eye (and my lens). Enjoy.

See more posts on Villa Sungai:

Monday, 1 September 2014


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 photo emmahoareaubaliwhotel_zps5ca4dc87.jpg
 photo emmahoareaubaliuluwatubinginbeachbluesea_zpsca772f58.jpg
 photo emmahoareaubaliuluwatupadangpadangbeachsunsetcrochetbikini_zps48cf9c28.jpg
 photo emmahoareaubaliwhotelwoobar_zps40f25a28.jpg
 photo emmahoareaubaliwhoteldrinks_zps18015353.jpg
 photo emmahoareaubaliwhotellanternsatwoobarseminyak_zps8d1944d6.jpg
 photo emmahoareaubaliuluwatubingininnpool_zps03c4a0d8.jpg
 photo emmahoareaubaliuluwatubinginbeach_zps4bc33291.jpg
 photo emmahoareaubaliuluwatubinginbeachtemplepinktrees_zps3e3b657b.jpg
 photo emmahoareaubaliuluwatupadangpadangbeachsunsetrocks_zps3ff3102b.jpg
 photo emmahoareaubaliuluwatupadangpadangbeachsunset_zpsd2628760.jpg
 photo emmahoareaubaliuluwatupadangpadangbeachsunsetvillaview_zps5f8ad0df.jpg
 photo emmahoareaubaliuluwatupadangpadangbeachsunsetcolourfulsky_zps59986279.jpg
 photo emmahoareaubaliuluwatupadangpadangbeachsunsetpinkskypalmtrees_zpsa7f4c60e.jpg
 photo emmahoareauinbalipadangpadangbeachuluwatu_zps9df7fa88.jpg

Bali is as colourful and beautiful as I ever imagined.
Yes, the sea is that blue. Yes, the sky is that pink at sunset.
I hardly had to edit these images before uploading them here.

We've been exploring; in the past week Seminyak, Uluwatu and Nusa Dua have been our bases,
and tomorrow we're off again. A lot of sunning myself alongside a lot of jumping on the back
of a motorbike to find new places to sun myself, of course.

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