Saturday, 6 September 2014


 photo emmahoareausungaivillasbalitravelminimalinteriorhomeinspirationwhitewasheddoor_zps7936bcad.jpg
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 photo emmahoareausungaivillasbalitravelminimalinteriorhomeinspirationbedwhitesheets_zps304e60ce.jpg

If you follow me on Instagram it will have been impossible for you to miss my stay at 

Located in a secluded village in the heart of Bali, it aims to give an 'at home' feel in the villa 
(even though all the delicious meals are cooked for you along other usual hotel services). I'll 
do a much bigger post on it soon, but I just wanted to dwell on the most beautiful minimal 
interior it has. White washed doors, mirror and bed frames, large white walls inside a thatched 
roof and clear chairs. A real treat to my eye (and my lens). Enjoy.

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