Friday, 7 November 2014


 photo EmmaHoareau|LolitaSaysSo|nailstrengthenerRevitaNail_zps1c48b9ad.jpg
I'm one of those people (and you probably are too) who hates nothing more than my nail 
chipping, or even worse breaking. Not because I'm that kind of a girlie girl but because I have 
a nail phobia. I've you've ever tried to bite your nails in front of me, you'll know the panic it 
causes on my face.

That's why I welcomed with open arms Revitanail and the Keratin Strengthening Serum which can 
be rubbed into nails with or without nail varnish on, as it nourishes the cuticle. I'm keeping mine 
on my bedside table so that I remember to use it every evening before bed. If you're willing to go 
cold turkey on nail varnish then the Nail Strengthener stops chipping and flakiness. If you're 
planning on seeing me soon, I highly recommend both.


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