Tuesday, 2 December 2014


 photo IMG_8684_zps7739d312.jpg
 photo RayavadeeKrabiThailandluxuryhotelandvillaEmmaHoareauboats_zps73e354fb.jpg
 photo IMG_8804_zps8d8114f8.jpg
 photo RayavadeeKrabiThailandluxuryhotelandvillaEmmaHoareauscenery_zps53ca7c52.jpg
 photo IMG_9294_zps8e0664fc.jpg
 photo IMG_9288_zps117fa052.jpg

I was so busy being away exploring and discovering (and having awful wifi) when we were away
that I realise I hardly put any photos up of out time in beautiful Thailand, so thought I'd make up
for it now. Some of my favourite places above: mainly centered around Koh Tao and snorkeling


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