Friday, 2 January 2015


 photo EmmaHoareauBondiIcebergslookoutbeachseapool2_zps9bbae62d.jpg
 photo EmmaHoareauBondiIcebergslookoutbeachseapool1_zps3ef831f7.jpg
 photo EmmaHoareauBondiIcebergslookoutbeachseapool3_zpsd989708f.jpg

The epitome of a lazy title, but hey - Icebergs in Bondi is already about as cliche as you can get. 
I thought however, since it's on my doorstep and makes such a good photo, I'd pop by for a visit 
with Neil during his stay here. I'm thinking of taking up swimming this year, as when this is 
your pool I imagine getting up early for a few laps is somewhat easier than dragging yourself to 
the local indoor pool full of chlorine (this one is all sea, splashes included).

Photo of me by Neil Thornton

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