Saturday, 27 December 2014


 photo BobbiBrownOntheRockscollectionChristmasEmmaHoareaubrushes_zps45e92a63.jpg
 photo BobbiBrownOntheRockscollectionChristmasEmmaHoareapalette_zpsf6718437.jpg
 photo BobbiBrownOntheRockscollectionChristmasEmmaHoareauhighlightpowder_zpsff5c1643.jpg

When it comes to New Year, I always like to do a make up post as this is the one night of the 
year where really: anything goes. Good, bad, weird, over the top; it's all good. You're celebrating 
and it's about what you want, not anyone else.

There couldn't really be a more appropriately named make-up collection for a night of 
celebration than Bobbi Brown's Scotch On The Rocks. Full of rich browns, neutrals and gold
 it's the perfect fit for New Year's Eve. The perfect red lipstick I featured here is also part of 
it and would make for a great pop of a colour on the night.

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