Friday, 30 May 2014


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Whoever came up with the idea of travel 'essentials'? I find it odd- mostly because we all know 
the essentials (suncream, face wash, deodorant), and yet I am still lost over what to actually 
pack, alongside the essentials. Which is precisely where I'm at now. Sitting on my bedroom 
floor surrounded by what I might pack. And this is no normal packing, I'm doing 3 months 
in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Bali.

And then at the end of it... I'm moving to Sydney!

So I'm trying to pack for the rest of my life, essentially. Which means there are about 329 
'essential' things to pack, but I only have room for maybe a sixth of them. 

In the midst of my #firstworldproblem crisis, I thought I'd share 3 things which I am most 
definitely going to pack. In fact, they're already in my suitcase, tucked up and ready to go.

 photo gypsywaterbyredohealgelevelomintensehydrationserumholidaytravelessentialsbeautyJPG_zps06bb3dbb.jpg

Monday, 26 May 2014


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 photo IMG_6871_zps31ad1298.jpg
 photo IMG_6838_zpsa98e19ac.jpg
 photo IMG_6883_zpsb3a964c1.jpg
 photo IMG_6839_zps99725165.jpg

In a surprisingly sunny Moscow from our trip a month ago, we spent a lot of time soaking it up 
in Gorsky Park which is a wonderful park in the center just by the Moskva river. It's also home 
to GARAGE art gallery, which I visited years ago, and which I was dying to visit again having
 since become a huge fan of it's magazine equivalent.

We visited the current exhibition, but not before taking time to walk through the amazing 
installation in the park and try (yet another) Russian ice cream.

Friday, 23 May 2014


 photo IMG_7292_zpsb72deaed.jpg

I'm looking forward to giving the new L'Occitane Immortelle Brightening products a go - 
in particular the Targeted Corrector, which acts quite a lot like Touche Eclat (nothing wrong 
with that though) and the Eye Care & Mask duo, which has a clever cooling, metallic 
applicator. And of course the essence, which I have no doubt will be great.

 photo IMG_7287_zpse46bcc8d.jpg


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 photo IMG_5925_zps63d91052.jpg
 photo IMG_5933_zps7e18143a.jpg
 photo IMG_5921_zps53a674a9.jpg
 photo IMG_5932_zpsf366d097.jpg
 photo IMG_5955_zps6e63ddcc.jpg

A few more photos from my trip to Edinburgh, inside the wonderful Botanical Gardens. I said 
it before- but it really was (photo) heaven on earth for me- all those white bars, green plants, 
space and glass roofs.

I've had a bit of a whirlwind day today, as one of my favourite websites Into The Gloss, has 
featured me as their first reader Top Shelf. Have a look here.

Monday, 19 May 2014


 photo emmahoareauwhitejumpsuittopshopleavesnikeslidesflipflopsbush_zpse5c54fc7.jpg
 photo emmahoareauwhitejumpsuittopshopleavesnikeslidesflipflopswhistlessunglasses_zps40983a93.jpg
 photo emmahoareauwhitejumpsuittopshopleavesnikeslidesflipflops_zps9bdea2eb.jpg
 photo emmahoareauwhitejumpsuittopshopleavesnikeslidesflipflopswhistlessunglasses9_zpsdc33c2b2.jpg
 photo emmahoareauwhitejumpsuittopshopleavesnikeslidesflipflopssilk_zps1791a875.jpg

Trying to find something vaguely acceptable to wear outside the house in this heat. My most
elegant option was this white jumpsuit- which although quite silky doesn't crease easily (I even
wore in on a train with no air con and it was fine). To make it more 'me' I added my new Nike
slides which I had bought as my 'holiday shoes' this year, but just keep on sliding them on now
the sun is out.

Friday, 16 May 2014


 photo IMG_6648_zpsd98db582.jpg
 photo IMG_6699_zps4b4400fb.jpg
 photo IMG_6676_zps8f3c3c7d.jpg

When packing for a holiday or work trip, I always find the hardest part to pack my beauty 
regime. Clothes are easy- I mainly wear black and white so most things match and it's never 
a hard decision to pick what. With beauty- I'm all over the place.

So (when I had finally made a decision) I thought I'd tell you the products I find best to take 
for various holidays in a couple blogsposts, along with what to take on the plane itself- which is 
what we're looking at today.

I'm not the biggest fan of flying so the most important thing for me is my Aveda stress fix 
concentrate which is an ointment you rub into your wrist- I do this just before take off. 
(Other comforts to keep my calm are cashmere socks, a big blanket/scarf and an eye mask).

I'm normally meeting someone the other end of my flight, so I want to look good/ acceptable 
when I land. It's always a great idea to take a mist to keep your face hydrated, along with an 
oil that put life back into your skin. I take REN's Omega 3 serum oil, and Elemis Pro Radiance 
Flash Balm to add a glow. Packing a punchy lipstick is good too- as it'll give your face an 
awake, healthy look. I'm currently loving my Tom Ford lipstick in Sweet Spot.

Other than my face- my hair always ends up all over the place, so Klorane's mini dry shampoo 
is perfect for having in my bag- and I can tame any flyaway with the face oil I packed.

 photo IMG_6682_zpsf7570ea5.jpg

Monday, 12 May 2014


 photo IMG_6009_zps326267d3.jpg
 photo IMG_6001_zps41b5bc54.jpg
 photo IMG_6028_zps69cebed4.jpg
 photo IMG_6023_zps3c163585.jpg
 photo IMG_6017_zps935112f1.jpg
 photo IMG_6031_zps6a70a6de.jpg
 photo IMG_6021_zpsb611879b.jpg
 photo IMG_6010_zps30142d4c.jpg
T by Wang sweater, Acne jeans, Hobbs boots

Visiting Edinburgh for the first time, and accidentally-on-purpose ending up in the Botanical 
Gardens, full of oversized plants in white glasshouses was like my own personal kind of 

I also couldn't believe the size of this amazing Rhododendron tree, and quite happily stood for 
photos in front of it. It's called Rhododendron Fulvum Fulvum if anyone is wondering.

Friday, 9 May 2014


 photo IMG_6381_zps2610125f.jpg
 photo IMG_6375_zps5d77d906.jpg
 photo IMG_6426_zps013cdb20.jpg
 photo IMG_6429_zps31fa4816.jpg
 photo IMG_6417_zps5b05dbd4.jpg
 photo IMG_6451_zpscf7b3473.jpg
 photo IMG_6433_zps0a675e2a.jpg
 photo IMG_6425_zps923d90c2.jpg

Visiting Moscow this year was different to usual, due to the situation over there with Ukraine at
the moment. I was slightly apprehensive (even though I've been more than ten times before) as
you can imagine, but there was no need. I forgot how much of an island Moscow can be
compared to the rest of Russia. Much like the Kremlin, it seems to be housed within a protected

We brought the sunny weather with us- as you can see -and we lucky enough to be walking around
 in t-shirts for most of the week. There's a common misconception that Russia is always covered
 in snow but in fact it gets very warm in the summer, and we hit the jackpot timing wise getting
the first round of heat and sun.

Even though I've been to Moscow just a few times before (my father lives there) I'd never
actually been into the Kremlin. So we put on our best Slav expressions and walked in (it's free
 if your Russian and very expensive if you're a tourist). Big, white cathedrals with golden
 roofs, extensive detail- big open white spaces. I was in heaven.

 photo IMG_6396_zpsdfe0c402.jpg

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


 photo ByredoflowerheadandTomfordnailvarnishJPG3_zpse35fad25.jpg
 photo ByredoflowerheadandTomfordnailvarnishJPG6_zps9604fdd3.jpg

With the bank holiday sun came a yearning for faraway lands, an exotic beach perhaps...

In the meantime, I'll be spritzing myself with FLOWERHEAD from Byredo. I got to meet
founder Ben Gorman to talk about it for the new issue of Notion Magazine, and I can't wait
for it to be out this week (someone very happy is on the front cover).

The Byredo scent was inspired by an Indian wedding flooded with colourful, powerful
smelling flowers, and it's my way of looking forward to my trip to Asia this summer,
whilst painting my nails in this shimmering sand colour from Tom Ford.

 photo ByredoflowerheadandTomfordnailvarnishJPG8_zps8856922e.jpg

P.S. I've also now done a video on this Byredo scent and a couple other summer favourites.
You can see it here.

Saturday, 3 May 2014


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 photo IMG_5869_zpsac0370d5.jpg
 photo IMG_5865_zps7358e7f8.jpg
 photo IMG_5845_zpsaecaa3b2.jpg
 photo IMG_5855_zpsa0644beb.jpg
 photo IMG_5838_zps8abe3914.jpg
 photo IMG_5825_zpsc89896ab.jpg
 photo IMG_5791_zps2e7b764e.jpg

It's been a while. Sorry about that. For various reasons I had to stop the blog, but it's back to 
normal posting now!

These photos are from my trip to Edinburgh a month ago. It was my first time in Scotland (unless 
you count that time we accidentally drove over the border during a road trip to Northumberland)
and alongside eating well, drinking well and walking about 100 miles during the course of a 
long weekend, we also stumbled across the Botanical Gardens, where I found my own special 
heaven on earth: a big glass house filled with big, leafy, green plants. 

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