Sunday, 30 November 2014


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Weekend inspiration.

A few photos from my trip to Positano on the Amalfi Coast in Italy in 2013.


Friday, 28 November 2014


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I had always spied the odd product from this brand in top shelves on Into The Gloss, or heard 
about how effective the formulas were through friends and colleagues. So it comes as no 
surprise that I was really excited to try these bits from Medik8. 

And it also comes as no surprise to me that yes, they lived up to the hype. I've been a fan 
of cosmeceuticals since I first tried SkinCeuticals a couple years ago, and was amazed by 
the results. To protect my skin from environmental damage I'm using the beta AOX in the 
morning and to keep my skin hydrated the Hydr8 B5 - a mix of hyaluronic acid and 
Vitamin B5 - in the evening.

What's so great about Medik8 is that the products are tailored so precisely to specific skin 
concerns, and created with the best ingredients at the right strengths (more isn't always 
better) that using them becomes fool proof. There's the reassurance and proof that they will 
work. What more could you want from your skincare?

Thursday, 27 November 2014


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Now if you don't know, I like to think of myself as a bit of a foodie. But I've never really done
a 'food post' as such. I'd like to start throwing them in there every now and again. I'm not
becoming a chef of any sorts, just to share my passion for food alongside travel and beauty
products, and maybe sometime mix them all together!

In my own definition of foodie anyway - I feel like everyone has a different one.

My points are that:

1. I love food - I was brought up in France: cheese is one of my biggest weaknesses
2. I love cooking and discovering new healthy recipes. One of my favourites being
'nana ice cream (have a look here).
3. I love going to a new country and trying new food (to a point, I wouldn't go as far as
eating insects...)
4.  I think there is nothing lovelier than having a huge meal with friends and family,
that lasts for hours - I like the idea of food bringing people together.

When we stayed at the incredible Six Senses in Con Dao, an island just south of Ho Chi
Minh City in Vietnam, we were treated to meal after meal of deliciousness (for lack of a
better adjective). Freshly squeezed juice in our fridge everyday to enjoy by the pool, good
old greasy burgers done just right for when we'd eaten too much Pho and chicken satay,
and sushi and sashimi for room service and a cheeky pavlova just before leaving because
I just *had* to try it. Oh, and of course free all-day ice cream. Hungry anyone?

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


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One of my favourite shots I took backstage at House of Holland last year (you know that 
time #harrytouchedmyback). The beautiful Mica Arganaraz rocking gelled back hair, 
which is making me want to try that look out. Although I doubt I'll look quite like an 
Argentinian supermodel when I do.

Thursday, 20 November 2014


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These two are on high rotation in the shower at the moment. Not only do I love the design (I'm
a sucker for good packaging) of Shu Uemura hair, but I love the use of a pump - especially
when the stuff inside it does a damn good job, too. It's a big thumbs up from me.

Shu Uemura The Art of Hair Cleansing Oil Shampoo
Shu Uemura The Art of Hair Full Shimmer Illuminating Conditioner

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


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A while back I told you I would show you some more photos from Villa Sungai, so I thought
the beautiful set up which was created for our last evening dinner would be a good choice.
Looking back on these photos now I can't believe we stayed in this place! It really was the
most out of this world experience having our own private villa - which looked like that - and
that we were treated to such delicious food, relaxing massages and local music during our stay,
and THEN they decorate the place like this for our last evening, (along more lychee martinis,
of course) - just incredible.

Monday, 17 November 2014


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Summertime means a lighter base, and I've been turning to tinted moisturisers recently. I 
particularly like that a lot of them have SPF in too, to keep my skin protected throughout the 
day. I've been using the Dermalogica Ultra Sensitive Tint spf30 mainly, but also alternating 
the Clinique and Nivea's CC creams (although I'm not really into the whole BB and CC thing: 
it's a tinted moisturiser, it doesn't need a fad name). Alpha H also has a Multi Perfecting Skin 
Tint which I haven't used enough to give a proper review, but I love the way it has a little 
concealer and a mirror in the lid.

Friday, 14 November 2014


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Since cutting my hair off just over a year ago, my once six monthly routine of trimming my own
hair (wet, brush, sewing scissors #fancy) became an every six-weeks visit to the hairdresser.

 Before I left London I had popped into Hershesons and explained that my hair was not going to
be chopped for the next few months, and they cut it accordingly a little shorter at the back so that
it wouldn't thicken up too fast. But after 3 months on the road my hair needed a good seeing to. I
was really pleased to discover Papillon Hair in Paddington, here in Sydney. The name comes from
the butterflies in the black gate outside.

Situated down a little alley, it has a French feel to it - thanks to Deborah, the owner's, 'love affair
with Paris' - and it's beautiful interior (and exterior). Papillon Hair is all about giving a one-on-
one experience, and using Aussie brands, such as OM and Kevin Murphy she gave my hair the
reboot it needed.


Thursday, 13 November 2014


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Since moving to Sydney, or more correctly - since moving out of London - I've realised I want
to pair back on the things I own, much like I do with my clothes: little amount but expensive
high quality. Having to move out and leave most of my belongings (most of which I gave away)
was quite hard but also extremely freeing. When we were on our travels, my life was in my
backpack. That felt good.

Much like Sabrina's 5 Piece French Wardrobe, whereby she could only buy 5 things per
season, excluding basics, I'd like to try to give my beauty cupboard the same ordeal. Not
quite a numeric amount, just a conscious amount of what is allowed to go into it, and what
I don't really need. Again, it's about that idea of minimalism creating a harmonious home 
and calm mind. Let's see how I do.

Two things that definitely won't be going anywhere are my Tom Ford lipstick and
Byredo Flowerhead perfume.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


 photo AlilaVillaSoorisunsetfromthebeachEmmaHoareau7_zps86744fdd.jpg
 photo AlilaVillaSoorisunsetfromthebeachEmmaHoareau8_zpse264486e.jpg
 photo AlilaVillaSoorisunsetfromthebeachEmmaHoareau5_zps9866f070.jpg
 photo AlilaVillaSoorisunsetfromthebeachEmmaHoareau_zpsd787c8ac.jpg

We were really spoiled for beautiful sunsets in Bali, and on our last night there was no exception.
The black sand in Soori was incredible, and made the experience all more special as it felt so
 unusual after 3 months of white sand (the travellers life, I know).  I especially love the reflection
of the colours in the shallow sea.

See my full photo diary of Alila Villas here.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


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OPI Two Tone Manicure Set

Summer is on it's way (in Sydney anyway) and the it's time to ditch my go-to dark red nails
and opt for something a little lighter. The colours in the Two Tone Manicure from OPI are
just the ticket, soft and neutral shades with a just hint of colour, ideal for the beach.



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 photo sixsensescondaoemmahoareauoutdoorshower_zps79fcbb03.jpg
 photo sixsensescondaoemmahoareaubeachjumpseaislandvietnam_zps7ac1dbea.jpg
 photo sixsensescondaoemmahoareaubedvilla_zpsb8103041.jpg
 photo sixsensescondaoemmahoareauvillabathroom_zps580a69f5.jpg
 photo sixsensescondaoemmahoareauluxurypoolvillacoeanview_zpsd1197587.jpg

I love doing these photo diaries. 
Picking images that I hope can convey to you the feel of a place. 
I've used images from my phone rather than my camera in this one, something I've never done 
before. It's a bit different for me, as I love to shoot of my Canon, but for some reason the photo 
from Six Senses look just as good on my phone. Sometimes using a big fancy camera is great, but 
I like the realistic (well, it was one of the most unrealistic experiences of my life, but you know 
what I mean) view of the island of Con Dao, it's incredible scenery and the accommodation at 


Monday, 10 November 2014


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I had heard so much about Liquid Gold, and the brand Alpha H (mainly thanks to Ruth) that I 
was extremely excited to finally try the hero product. Promising to boost radiance and smooth 
the skin, thanks to my favourite acid, good old Glycolic which exfoliates and brightens. It
works wonders on acne scars and really does give you visibly clearer skin. I was expecting a
serum, but it's more of a liquid which you apply to a cotton bud and swipe over the face
after cleansing. 
The verdict? I'm addicted.

Sunday, 9 November 2014


 photo BarbaraFailhoVictoriasSecretmodelbodyredlipsbackstageJPGtrio_zpsec977360.jpg
 photo _MG_4636_zps1cf9a9ba.jpg
 photo _MG_4641_zpse09fd2fd.jpg
 photo BarbaraFailhoVictoriasSecretmodelbodyredlipsbackstageJPG_zpse03f8d9d.jpg
 photo BarbaraFailhoVictoriasSecretmodelbodyredlipsbackstagewithbinxwalktonhouseofhollandss14londonfashoinweek_zps410cf538.jpg

With the recent media buzz surrounding the announcement of the Victoria's Secret show, that
this year will be held in London (just as I leave!), I thought I'd dig out these unpublished
photographs I took backstage at House of Holland of the beautiful Barbara Fialho, who will
be walking in the show this year. Bring on December 2nd!


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