Sunday, 22 February 2015


 photo Dr Dennis Gross MECCA Alpha Beta medi spa peel Emma Hoareau white skincare_zpszd6vgfdu.jpg

Sundays are the kind of day that you can make your own. There's different Sunday 'types', the
one who gets up early for a workout, the one that is still awake from last night and the one 
who looks forward to a lie in and a big breakfast. It's the day you fill with activities that will 
re-charge you - in their own special away - for the week ahead. 

My Sunday ritual is going all out on my skincare.

This involves quite literally giving myself some new skin (well, at least getting rid of any old or 
dead skin cells) with a good peel. Recently, I've been trying the Alpha Beta Medi Spa Peel from 
Dr. Dennis Gross. I thought it would be a whole lot more difficult to use than just wiping a pad 
over my face for 5 minutes, then rubbing in a milky soothing serum. In fact, I was almost sad I 
didn't get to play scientist. That was until I looked up and saw my skin. Glowing and radiant -
I'd go as far as to say that the result matches up to the effect of in-spa chemical peels I've had
 in the past. My skin feels and looks like I've just had an expensive facial.

Bring it on, Monday.

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