Tuesday, 10 March 2015


 photo JURLIQUE Clarify hand wash and hand lotion Emma Hoareau_zpsn538rjso.jpg
 photo TRESEMME Platinum Strength Conditioner amp Deep Conditining Treatment Emma Hoareau_zps5l8qobdy.jpg
 photo DR BRONNERS Magic Soap cherry blossom hemp body wash pink Emma Hoareau_zpsts7l0ns1.jpg

With a new flat comes a new bathroom, and finding the new places to store beauty products. 
Luckily, there's a big shelf seemingly made for just that in my new abode. I've been conscious 
this time around not to overload my bathroom with products, and keep it as simple and minimal 
as I can. Eight bottles of shampoo on the go, cluttering up the shower, does not make for
 a Pinterest worthy look, after all. 

On the go at the moment are the Dr Bronner Castille Liquid Soap in Cherry Blossom - I love the 
pink packaging and the super clean feel it gives you, alongside the TRESemmé Platinum 
Strength conditioner and treatment, I was surprised by how well both worked, for such an 
affordable brand. And last but not least the Clarity hand wash and hand lotion from Jurlique
which are the perfect duo on this beautiful wooden tray.

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