Friday, 17 April 2015


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The biggest worry my friends tell me about when it comes to skincare is eyes. 
Be it bags, fine lines, puffiness, dullness - you name it - it's the biggest worry. Namely due to 
the eye area having the most fragile skin on the face, it's often the area where ageing is first 
visible, and why it's even a worry for twenty somethings. This is where it's worth investing
in a great product.

Please note that there's nothing wrong with a few good laughter lines - I'd rather have a couple 
lines and laugh a lot than the other way round... But to avoid the effects of the environment, 
fatigue and stress I've been turning the Illuminating Eye Gel from La Mer. The gel is formulated
 to instantly refresh the appearance of the skin around the eye, energising and awakening, 
akin to a good nights sleep in a bottle.


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