Thursday, 9 April 2015


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Peekaboo! Playing is for adults too, as I found out at NGV Melbourne...

Thanks to Ernesto Neto's The Island Bird. After a visit to Alex Prager's exhibition (after the ride 
on the Golden Carousel) we entered a room with a giant crochet creation seemingly floating 
in mid-air. My passing comment of 'I wish we could play on that' was answered when my eye 
caught the sign which read '5 adults only at a time'. In glee, we threw off our shoes and jumped 
on (quite literally, the bottom of 'the path' is filled with balls). It felt like being a child again, 
playing, laughing and surrounded by equally excited friends. We stayed until a group of 
people who clearly wanted to play too began giving us evils through the crochet...

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