Friday, 24 April 2015


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We're always talking about our morning beauty routines and night time skincare but what about
that boring part of the day: mid day? 

I've always had trouble with my skin throughout the day, since my skin is combination I 
can end up with oily and/or dry sections on my face. But with make-up on, it's hard to do 
anything that will actually help at that very moment. I normally leave it until I get home 
and I can pop a mask of some sort on - or at the very least remove my make up.

That's why it seems so ridiculous that a product like SK-II Mid Day Miracle Essence doesn't
exist already! Yes, there are mists - but they're often sold to us as a skincare step for added
hydration (most are just water with a floral scent) and don't actually deliver. Whereas this
essence brings you the same Pitera technology as all SK-II products, just in mist form. So
you can literally give yourself a facial at your desk. Pop one in your bag or keep one at your
desk for all those mid-day skin emergencies - or, if you just fancy a refreshing touch up.

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 photo SK-II Miracle Day Essence_zpstk2no4je.jpg

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