Wednesday, 20 May 2015


 photo Best Lip Stains Benefit Lollitint and Benitint marble_zpsh3hdozaq.jpg

When packing for a long haul flight and a couple weeks in England, I wanted to pack light. 
Multiple usage products were the name of the game.

Packing less was essential because I wanted to have space to stock up on pieces from shops I 
don't have in Sydney (I'm talking to you & Other Stories, COS and Liberty) but also I didn't 
want to over pack like I always tend to do. I never mean to but I always end up 'I'd rather have 
the choice of clothes and not wear them than not have a choice' kind of girl. 

I think packing light is a good skill to have but also in my quest for minimalism, I wanted to 
make sure I was still human enough to live without all my belongings for a mere two weeks. 
These stains from Benefit were the perfect all-in-one in terms of colour, lips, cheeks and even 
eyelids - they're easy to use and carry around, and the perfect perk me up - especially after a
24 hour flight. 

The Benetint is a subtle dark pink, reddish colour while Lollitint is a brighter, hotter pink.

 photo Best Lip Stains Benefit Lollitint and Benitint long wear_zpsouufhats.jpg

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