Tuesday, 19 May 2015


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It is coming up to a year since we left on our travels of Asia and Indonesia and whilst finding it 
hard to believe the time has gone so fast I also can't believe I hadn't yet posted the photos 
from Halong Bay in Vietnam. Located a couple hours drive north from Hanoi, we hopped on 
an overnight boat and explored the bay, beaches and caves for two days. If there was ever 
anywhere that was made to be a photo diary, this is it...

Halong Bays spoils you for scenery; turquoise green water, the smallest islands to stop and 
swim at, dramatic caves (some you walk around, others you canoe into) and photogenic 

We even visited a pearl farm, situated on a floating deck in between several bays, where we 
got to hatch open a shell to see if the 'farming' had worked - and yes! The one I picked had 
a shiny pearl waiting for me inside. It was amazing to see that side of it rather than just strung 
round someone's neck.

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 photo HalongBayVietnamboattripEmmaHoareautravelspearlfarm_zps520e05c4.jpg
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