Tuesday, 30 June 2015


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For that summer golden glow, all year round.


When Clarins launched their Radiance Plus Golden Glow booster for face, it was a total sell
out (I mean that; I've been on the waiting list for another bottle for months) here in Australia.
Why? Because a clever idea - just adding a few drops of the product into your normal 
moisturiser - and a performing product - easily buildable (and natural!!) tan for the face -
was what so many women were searching high and low for years and years looking for.

And now I'm happy to say the Radiance Plus Golden Glow for Body will be available from
6th July so I thought I'd do a PSA before it sells out. That's NEXT Monday girls - get there


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If you're UK you can already buy it here, and the US here.

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