Wednesday, 3 June 2015


 photo C 10 body oil_zps0gt68bkx.jpg

I've been travelling a lot recently (I'm talking 40+ hours in cabin pressure) and the weather is 
cooling down in Australia like I never hoped thought it would. The result? My skin on my 
body needed a lotta lovin'. And I've found my new lover.

Enter 10 and Co's 10C Moisturising body oil. Intensely hydrating thanks to it's ingredients
 - coconut, cannabis included (all good thing really do start with C) it also has olive, jojoba 
and pomegranate oil thrown in to create quite the cocktail. All the oils are organic, raw, 
vegan and cold pressed and the philoshopy behind the brand is to make you feel like a '10' as 
in how great you feel in the middle of summer; sunkissed, tanned, healthy and glowing. 

On which note, I'm giving this soon to be cult classic a 10/10.
Go get yours.

 photo Cannabis and coconut_zpsrkdoa56j.jpg

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