Sunday, 7 February 2016


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The only three things you need for Valentine's Day (and no, it's not those three words)


Keeping things simple this Valentine's Day, whether you've got a hot date or are enjoying
some self loving.

The Scent

It's actually quite incredible how precisely the Red Roses Cologne smells like a big
bunch of flowers. Light and clean, this scent is the romantic choice.

The Lip

The most sensuous part of the body, some say. Keep it classic - and matte - with a this
Cherry Red lip pencil.

The Skin

Silky soft, and smelling of - you guessed it - roses. They'll be nothing quite as exciting
as covering your skin in this Rosebud Elixir before the evening ahead.

You don't need anything else. Except perhaps some red roses.

Have the best day lovers x


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