Tuesday, 13 September 2016


 photo blue azul mexico canon 6d 50mm lens_zpsmklkprom.jpg

The land of colour.


The brightest blues, the deepest greens and the softest pinks.
Mexico was even more colourful and magical than I could have expected it to be. I spent most
of my time there in Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca (forgoing the popular Tulum) and discovered
an unspoilt world of vibrant food, secluded beaches and colourful houses.


 photo cactus cacti in mexico_zpsseqtbdpt.png
 photo IMG_4688_zpswzt850gw.jpg
 photo pinks of mexico_zpspoqwupbk.png
 photo surf lookout mexico la punta_zps19vpb260.jpg
 photo emma hoareau photography_zpsceyubgfy.png
 photo puerto escondido villa manzanillo beach_zpspy2tm5g7.jpg
 photo holiday suncare_zpsf81r5lwm.png
 photo mexican sunset south_zpstskjwln5.jpg
 photo vichy spf suncare soleil_zpsvl1bqnuc.jpg
 photo blues of mexico tiles houses decor_zpsnccz8oze.png
 photo fish tacos la punta_zpslrjbeacw.jpg

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