Sunday, 25 September 2016


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You*, me and the sea.


As you know: I'm obsessed with all things ocean. Whether I'm swimming in it, taking photos
of it, flying over it - or even - using it in my skincare. Whatever it is: sign me up.

So I was very excited when, a few months ago, I got to mix my love of travel and beauty
(aka exactly what LSS is about) and take my first sea plane ride from Rose Bay to Palm 
Beach all in the name of skincare. And not just any skincare, La Mer skincare. And aptly
so, as we got to enjoy some of the most incredible views from our little plane as we watched
the Sydney coast line turn into the Northern Beaches. It was incredible to see the ocean stretch
out to the horizon, and seemingly never end. It really reminded me of how vast and powerful
the ocean is, and just how small we are in comparison. Perhaps that's why I love it so much,
even just a quick dip can make you feel the simplest of things: human.

Our destination was Palm Beach, and once we landed we headed to my dream house a
beautiful breakfast spot with equally astonishing sea views, where we sat down to be
told why exactly we were here and what the big news was.

It was all about the new Moisturizing Soft Lotion, (which has now just launched) and how
La Mer have managed to re-imagine their cult classic cream into a lighter, more easily 
absorbed, satin finish lotion. The reason the product is so different (and let's be honest,
expensive) from others of its kind is due to Miracle Broth - think of it as the Crème de
la Mer secret potion for perfect skin - which heals and regenerates skin thanks to it's
exact combination of nutrient rich sea kelp and energised with light and sound energies
for them to become potent. It took Dr. Huber over 6,000 attempts over 12 years to get
the exact right combo. Yep, just best to think of it as ~ magic ~

Essentially, the lotion has harnessed the powers of ocean to heal dryness and soften the look
of age. I've been using it ever since the trip, and I can genuinely say that my skin has never
felt so soft and healthy. In comparison to the original Crème de la Mer which is all about
richness and night time use, the new launch is perfect for day as it seeps straight into
the skin and gives you an almost immediate glow.


*And when I say you* I'm talking about my skin. Yes, YOU. 

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