Thursday, 20 October 2016


 photo clinique pop matte lipstick_zps0aj6cvc9.jpg

Matte but moisturising - finally!


With lipstick, I tend to sway to a favouritism for matte colours rather than glossy, mainly
because colour and shine is all too much for my sometimes tomboy look. The tough
thing is (total #firstworldprobelms here) that often matte lipstick dry your lips out, and
flaky lips - even with the most gorgeous colour - is a no.

That's why I was very excited to try the new Clinique Pop lip colours which give you both
colour and a velvet finish, without being so dry you can hardly apply the lipstick itself.

Here I'm wearing Berry Pop, which was my favourite to wear in Paris and apply
avec mon café.


 photo lipstick and coffee in paris_zpsxdh8ci1c.jpg


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