Monday, 24 October 2016


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Like booking a fancy hotel last minute.


We were feeling a serious case of YOLO when my cousin and I decided to book a hotel we
had both wanted to visit for ages, instead of staying at her flat for the weekend.

The main reason was because, um, have you seen that bathroom? The one thing I always
check before anything else when I'm booking a hotel is the bathroom. For me, that's where
the luxury lives. Yes the bed and room are important too, but my real zen time is in a 
beautiful bath, overlooking an incredible view too, if possible.

Our stay at Ludlow NYC ended up also being the perfect place to shoot the new fragrance
from Coach which is simply called New York Eau de Parfum. The scent is a fragrance
full of contrasts and inspired by spontaneous energy and downtown style of New York City.

I mean, we were downtown in a hotel we spontaneously booked... kind of had to, right?

And to me that's so much what life - and travel - is about anyway, an idea you have and
decide to actually make it happen. It's taking the jump from just thinking about it, to
talking about it and then doing it for real. Life is fun, but also scary - and that's part of 
the excitement. You have ups and downs and good and bad times or friends, but one without
the other wouldn't make sense. Life is about chances (or risks, however you want to see it)
and taking them. For me, the Coach fragrance really encapsulates these ideas.

A spritz here and there, and I'm ready for any highs or lows.


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