Monday, 14 November 2016


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Seizing the moment in the city of love.

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The new perfume from YSL is all about love - and falling rapidly into it. Love vertigo.

Mon Pariswhich literally means 'my Paris' struck a chord with me when I recently visited
the city. Having not been to my birthplace for four years, I was overwhelmed with anxious 
excitement and butterflies before arriving - to the point of experiencing insomnia for
several days before. The special place it holds in my heart is comparable to the love for
another person.

When I did arrive, I felt safe. Like I was finally home and all the worries I have on a
daily basis had completely disappeared and were replaced with a sense of right. Walking
around and passing parks I remember playing in as a child, eating food that brings
back childhood memories and now, still managing to fall in love with new aspects 
of Paris felt incredible. Falling in love with the city of love all over again.

With a base of patchouli and musk, the perfume itself is sensual, but with high notes of pear
and white flowers, it turns the traditional scent upside down and makes you lose just the right
amount of control to get your heart racing. Whenever I wear the scent, I'm reminded of that
immeasurable passion for Paris.


Wearing The Fable shirt, Levis 501s and Missoma
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