Friday, 9 June 2017


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A weekend on the mediterranean.

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It's been far too long (seven years!) since I've headed to the South of France, so when I was invited
 to join a great group of girls heading to Les Roches Rouges for a few days - I jumped at the chance.

It was the perfect way to kick off what I'm calling my 'European summer'. Having moved back
from Sydney nearly a year ago now, I want to take advantage of all the amazing places Europe
 has to offer, and in that way remind myself that you don't always need to go far away to be
somewhere beautiful and exotic.

We spent 3 days drinking rosé and lapping up the sun and the sea. There was a great group of us
and it was lovely seeing some familiar faces and meeting new people, too. The hotel itself is
what instagram dreams are made of: interior porn wherever you went. Minimal with white and 
nude tones but also pops of colour all around the place, namely thanks to the incredible art they
have hanging on the walls, and even random polaroid photos here and there. Although the hotel
only opened last month, it's got that perfectly lived in feel and you feel immediately at home
on the many sofas, chairs and places to flop down and read a book.

The suites were a great size, with each having its own balcony with an ocean view, extremely
comfortable fluffy white beds, a desk to work on and petite bathrooms housing the hotels own
collaboration with Le Labo products.

The ocean pool reminded me of the East coast of Sydney where almost every beach has it's
own rockpool. It was great being able to choose between pool, ocean pool or the ocean itself -
something to everyone's taste. But lets be honest, when it's 2pm and you're lying in the sun
with a glass on rosé in one hand, a book in the other and surrounded by great people - not
much can go wrong can it?

wearing throughout:

Marysia Swim bikini
Oliver Peoples Remick sunglasses
Mango shirt
Maison La Biche hat
Seafolly swimsuit 


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photos 1 and 16 by Frances Davison.

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