Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
July 21, 2017




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The brands (and products) worth spending the big bucks on.
People often ask me whether beauty is ‘worth’ spending money on and that someone’s friend to
them that actually none of it works it’s all just marketing to get you to consume. I tell them that
a huge part of beauty is marketing, of course, but that doesn’t mean that it’s all just a big fad.
People wouldn’t keep buying products if they could see they didn’t work. And part of this
is shopping at the more expensive end of the spectrum in beauty. It’s often the case that you
think a product is better because it’s more expensive, and that can be true, but also there are 
some ridiculously overpriced products available. So here is my definitive list of which
brands you can trust, and which products of there’s are my favourites.Zelens

I first tried Zelens 6 months ago, and ever since several of the products have been part of
my everyday routine.
The Z Matric Energy and Moisture Infusion is a gel cream texture that hydrates the skin
without leaving it feeling greasy, plus it’s anti inflammatory. I also use the Triple Action eye 
cream morning and night and of course the Daily Defense Sunscreen SPF 30.

Estee Lauder

No surprise here that I’m addicted to the Advanced Night Repair serum, which maximises
the skin natural renewal process overnight. More new cells = more glowing skin. But of late
I’ve also fallen for the ANR ampoules (great for travelling as you can just take 1 ampoule per
night of your trip) and the ANR Mask-in-Oil which is the perfect last step to compliment
the serum, allowing the products to be pushed even deeper into the skin.

La Mer

Great skincare is all about cell renewal and the Intensive Revitalizing Mask from La Mer
uses the renewing energies of the sea to promotes the renewal process while also deeply
hydrating. All this in just 8 minutes. Other favourites from the brand which are totally worth
the spend the Revitalizing Hydrating Serum which literally floods the skin with hydration,
followed by the Moisturizing Soft Lotion which is a lighter, more quickly absorbed version
of the classic crème aka perfect for  combination/oily skin.

Sisley Paris

The reason our skin ages is because it is exposed to outside aggressors which over time take
their toll on the skin. The All Day All Year from Sisley is the ultimate protector (it should really
wear a superhero cape) as it keeps your skin safe from UVA, UVB, free radicals and oxidative
stress. It’s great if you’re wanting to start anti-aging but also will reduce the signs of aging if
they’re already there. Other products that are a must to try from Sisley are the cult classic
Black Rose Cream Mask that gives you that post facial / I just slept for twelve hours and then
a relaxing massage kind of glow. I always avoid putting my face in the sun and the Self Tanning 
from Sisley gives you such a natural glow, without the chemicals or the smell.

La Prairie

Last but certainly not least, La Prairie. People are always asking me whether these kind of super
luxe products are worth it and the truth is… yes. But you need to know which ones to pick for
you. The reason I trust these products is because they have the most incredible science and
years of research behind them. For example the White Caviar Pearl Infusion manages to
target darkness, redness and greying of the skin by encapsulating powerful ingredients in the
caviar like bubbles which are only released when you actually press down on the nozzle to
use. Genius, right?
Other favourites of mine are the Essence In Lotion which prepares the skin for serums to follow
and the Ice Crystal Serum: your one stop shop to younger, glowing skin.

Which are you favourite luxe products? Let me know over on instagram!


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