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The neighbourhood hotel.

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Over the years of travelling, hotels that have personality are always the ones I'm most drawn
 to. Le Pigalle is that, and then some. Dubbing itself 'A Neighbourhood Hotel' that celebrates it's
spot in the ninth arrondissement, the quartier famous for bad boys, music and adventurers,
let's say. Just a short (hilly) walk away from Montmartre, and in my opinion, the best view of Paris.

The rooms are full of artwork, polaroids in the toilets, plenty of pen and paper should you feel
inspired to write to a friend, and in the bathroom you'll find special Le Pigalle x Le Labo products.
It feels like you're staying at your arty but oh so chic friend's house.
With a great restaurant and bar downstairs, and even live music with a vibrant crowd, there's no
doubt this is the best place to stay in Paris if you're wanting to find out more about it's roots.

You can book a stay here.


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