Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
July 9, 2012





I’m a huge fan of painted nails, mainly because I have a slight phobia of nails and prefer to cover them up. I also have exceedingly small hands and so if accompanied by naked nails they look even more child-like.
So, my favourite colour at the moment has to be the silver Rimmel one – 239 ‘Your Majesty’- I like it mainly because it has a different texture to most nail varnishes, it’s a bit more grissly and I like that.
Also picture above are the Topshop ‘Rainy Day’ and Rimmel 080 ‘Black Cab’, alongside my clear overcoat which I use from W7.
  It seems at the moment I’m into more neutral colours- I tend to go through phases of wearing the same colour for a couple of months.