Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
September 6, 2012



Beauty / personal


I’ve made a couple changes to the blog, namely adding categories into the left
column, so that you can sift through older posts more easily, and find specific
items of interest. I tried, I tried, to only do five categories but I ended up with…
eleven. I know. Although the high number of them allows your search to be more
specific. My most frequent ones are probably outfits, inspiration, fashion week and
travel. Although I think photography, art and beauty might be gaining speed.
Speaking of beauty- as my new role as Beauty Editor at Notion Magazine- have a look
at my first online beauty article about MWnails who gave me a very sparkly manicure
(featured in the above photo), and if you want to see my double page spread in the
new issue then click here or get yourself to a shop!