Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
December 31, 2012





 The end of the year- a time for looking back, making resolutions you’ll never keep, looking
at the year through rose tinted glasses and getting far too excited for a night that is actually
 just like any other night- but you still get your hopes up every single year.
I started writing this post by writing all the things I had done this year that have stood out
to me. Instead of just having lots of pictures to recap the year, I’m gonna make you read
(but of course you can click on a word to take you to the link, I’m not that mean).
what I did in 2012:
– got a degree
– moved permanently to London
– became Beauty Editor at Notion Magazine
– went to PFW for the first time
– visited Corsica, Moscow, Paris
– was maid of honour at my sister’s wedding
– reunited with my four older sisters (for the first time in 9 years all of us were together!)
– finished my disseration
– interviewed photographers for Dazed Digital
– Fell in love with Modern Matter magazine
– Published the first 2 issues of Rever magazine, as Creative Director
– finally got an iPhone (and subsequently became addicted to instagram)


Now, I would make a ‘what I hope to do in 2013’ bucket-list type of thing but I’d rather leave things up to fate a bit more. Obviously there are things I hope to achieve and complete- and I’m going to keep them to myself until I realise them. (Which also saves me some explaining to do this time next year when I may not have crossed some off…)
Happy New Year!