Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
February 17, 2013



fashion week / photography

(all photos are mine so please credit accordingly)
The best show ever. In one of my favourite backstage settings- the Portico Rooms are on the 
second floor of Somerset House so they always have great light- the Marques’ Almeida show 
was held. I was very lucky to be invited backstage with MAC. I’ve been a long time fan of
 Marques’ Almeida duo (if you’re a Tumblr fiend like me then you’ll no doubt recognise
the ripped denim and chunky plastic shoe look) and having recently become part of the
Topshop NEWGEN for AW13 I’m sure things will just keep getting bigger and better for
Back to backstage- MAC created an amazing pink eye with three different liners (one of 
which was lip) but left a space free of make up just underneath the eye so that it didn’t 
become a smoky look, going for grungy rather than sexy. The back half of the hair was in a 
tight, neat and poker straight ponytail whilst the front was messy and gelled with a middle 
parting. Very grunge chic.

The cobalt blue fur, open backs and ripped open flares (which created a kind of hoof look) 
were my favourite aspects. Well done Marta and Paulo!

You can see peeks of the other shows I was at and what I was up to on my Twitter and Instagram.